Tarot consultations

So, life’s throwing you curveballs and you’re all twisted up like a pretzel in a yoga class, huh? Don’t sweat it! Cue the Tarot: your personal cosmic GPS and the Yoda to your Skywalker. 🌌🧙‍♂️

Wondering when to speed up or pump the brakes on life’s wild highway? Cash flow trickling like a clogged latte machine? Contemplating putting a ring on it with your current flame? Oh, honey, I get it. These questions are the cliffhangers of your life’s telenovela, and you’re dying for the next episode. 🎭💍

Enter Tarot—your no-BS, all-sizzle spiritual advisor who talks in the cryptic yet sexy dialect of symbols. Trust me, this deck’s got more wisdom than Gandalf and Dumbledore’s love child. It doesn’t deal in maybes; it deals in OMG-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that moments. 📜🔮

So, craving the deets on where to make your next grand entrance or how to start manifesting those Benjamins? Listen up, darling, ’cause Tarot’s got the tea, and it’s piping hot. Yep, it’s the language of forever, your forever wingman—or wingdeck—in navigating the chaotic cocktail party called life. 🎉🍸

So, are you ready to RSVP to wisdom? ‘Cause your seat at the Tarot table is waiting, and trust me, it’s the best seat in the house. 🥂🃏

Tarot Uncensored: The Straight-Talkin’, Time-Traversin’ Oracle

You know why Tarot is like that one friend who never lets you leave the house with bad eyeliner? Because it’s got zero filters and a megaphone for honesty. Forget your run-of-the-mill religious dogmas and dusty doctrines—Tarot is the maverick, the rebel of cosmic dialects, slinging visuals that are more eternal than your grandma’s “secret” cookie recipe. 🍪🔮

Tarot’s lexicon? Oh, it’s not just alphabets; it’s the universal emojis of existence—symbols and doodads that’ve been around since the cosmos were in diapers. The system’s so foolproof even the most Machiavellian puppet masters of history couldn’t hack it. It’s like the unbreakable encryption of soul-speak, baby!

So you wanna get real, strip down to the naked truths that most sacred texts shy away from? Dial up the Tarot. It won’t ghost you; it’ll spill the celestial tea so honestly, you’ll need a moment. Don’t expect sugar-coated platitudes, darling. It’s a straight shooter, answering you in the same way a good martini does: strong, to the point, and with a little twist. 🍸🌌

So if you’re in the mood for some no-nonsense cosmic clarity, light those incense sticks and shuffle up. Tarot’s about to take you for a ride, and let me tell ya, it doesn’t do seat belts. Hold on tight! 🌙✨

  • Does he love me?
  • What do I need to get out of food and drink to stop my allergy?
  • The tests show that I am fine and that everything is fine, but I am not; what is wrong with me?
  • What mechanisms of the psyche do I need to change to achieve a life of love satisfaction and business well-being?
  • What galaxy are my stellar ancestors from?

The name of the game? Clarity, baby, crystal-frickin’-clear. No fluff, no mumbo-jumbo, just straight-up celestial wisdom that’s as refreshing as that first sip of champagne—or kombucha if you’re into that health-kick jazz.

See, the aim is to light up that inner GPS of yours, offer you some tasty morsels of ‘Ah-ha!’ moments you might’ve missed—because let’s face it, sometimes you can’t see the forest for the really, really annoying tree in front of you. 🌳😉

Tarot is your sassy cosmic counselor. She’s got your back, offering you the nitty-gritty realities you might be blind to. Not ’cause you’re dumb—nah, sometimes life’s whirlwind just leaves us a little disoriented. Like, ever tried reading a map while spinning in a hula hoop? Yeah, didn’t think so.

So let’s ditch the jargon and go straight to the soul juice, the point of it all: realignment. Yeah, babe, I’m talking about getting you in sync, from your chakras to your dreams. Because at the end of the day—or at the beginning of a new cosmic cycle—what really counts is tuning into that sweet, sweet music of your own truth.

So, we start with your questions. Here are some examples of good Tarot questions, but you are more than welcome to create your own. Also, you can see in the gallery of possible readings some of the variants.

Gallery of Readings

Forecasts, analyzes and consultations

Business, love, annual, solar assessments, analyzes, forecasts, and ways to heal and change reality lines.

Love relationships Tarot

As human beings, the most incredible personal progress we accomplish is through love and love relationships. 

Job and career Tarot

Ever notice how a bird can’t help but belt out a tune? That’s its day gig, baby, and it’s all in for the love of the song, not the breadcrumbs. Now let’s talk about your 9-to-5 hustle, shall we?

Working’s your lifelong jam, like it or not—so, wouldn’t ya rather be the rockstar of your own life than a backup dancer in someone else’s tragic opera? Imagine clocking in daily to a gig that makes your heart do the Macarena. 💃💖

Oh, you say you’ve won the lottery? Congrats, you’re a millionaire! But here’s the kicker: you’ll still wanna do what you adore, trust me. Whether it’s coding, painting, or, heck, underwater basket weaving, it’s that ‘thing’ that fills your soul like an endless mimosa brunch. 🥂🍊

Now, I ain’t saying you should drop everything and join the circus—unless that’s your jam, then by all means, fly through those trapezes! But find that thing that makes your spirit do cartwheels, and don’t let go. Because, sugar, it ain’t just a job; it’s your soul’s encore, your standing ovation. 🎭👏

So, what’s it gonna be, hotshot? Living for the weekends, or making every day your personal festival of fabulousness? 🎉🦄

Mind and body health Tarot

health ain’t just kale smoothies and marathons—though hats off if you’re rockin’ those. Nope, it all starts in that sexy cerebrum of yours.

Your noggin’s not just a pretty face; it’s the maestro, the puppeteer, the grand conductor of your life’s symphony. 🎶 Your attitudes? Honey, they’re not just mental post-it notes; they’re full-on scripts for the drama, comedy, or horror show happening inside your cells. Yeah, that’s right, a clear mind can turn a B-movie body into a blockbuster! 🎥💥

It’s like your mind’s got its fingers on the strings of a Stradivarius—that’s your bod, by the way. A virtuoso on a violin, only the instrument’s your whole self. And when your mind’s busting out sweet melodies, your body dances like no one’s watching. 🎻💃

“But life’s hard sometimes!” you say? Well, even a diamond has to go through a little heat and pressure to shine, sugar. 🌟 Keeping that mind pristine is how you turn life’s lemons into limoncello—fabulous, intoxicating, irresistibly you. 🍋🍹

So, whether it’s a gin-clear thought or a rose-tinted perspective, let your mind flow through you like the fanciest prosecco. It’s bigger than you, yet it is you. Take a sip, savor it, and let it dazzle every inch of you. Cheers to the authentic life you’re crafting, one mindful moment at a time. 🥂🦋

Self-Discovery: Self-awareness Tarot

Who are you? No, really, I’m asking! 🎭 Are you the everyday Jane, the dashing Don Juan, or the Queen of the Universe? But hey, let’s get straight — these roles you’re moonlighting in, are they really you? Or are you just typecast in a cosmic drama by a director called ‘Life’?

Here’s the saucy bit, sugarplum: You’re not just a character; you’re the damn screenwriter, the director, and the star of this blockbuster called ‘Your Existence.’ 🌟 Yeah, chew on that with your morning avocado toast.

What’s more, you’ve got this ultra-sophisticated code—your DNA—locked away like a top-secret recipe for the most divine elixir. 🍾 Unlock it, and voilà! You’re not just terrestrial; you’re celestial, baby—a starseed marinated in the wisdom of eons and dimensions you can’t even pronounce! 🌌

So, how to ditch a role that’s as stale as last week’s bread? 🍞 Rewrite that script, darling! Adjust your wardrobe, slap on some new lines, and let your soul do a saucy little tango. Ditch the sad trombone, bring in the violins, and crescendo into the you that you’ve been dying to meet. 🎻💫

Why play a bit part when you’re clearly leading-lady material? 🎬 So swap out those ill-fitting roles, tap into that cosmic screenplay, and put your starseed sass on full display. Trust me, the universe won’t know what hit it. 🌠🔥

AstroTarot: Play with stars

Ah, the natal chart—your cosmic selfie, a stargazer’s dream, captured at the moment you took your first breath. Think of it as your personal celestial map, drenched in constellations and planets that were like, “This one’s going to be a stunner!” 🌟💋

This astral masterpiece isn’t just eye-candy, though; it’s the psyche’s X-ray, honey. A kaleidoscopic window into not just who you are now, but who you’ve been in all those past lives where you were, let’s say, a Cleopatra or a Shakespeare. Drama much? 🎭

But here’s where it gets delectably juicy: This starry guide doesn’t just spill the tea on your ingrained habits and tastes—like why you’re drawn to bad boys, or why you can’t resist anything that glitters. It also drops pearls of wisdom on how to flip the script. Tired of being a drama queen? Swap that tiara for a crown of mindfulness. 🌹👑

Your natal chart is like an all-you-can-eat buffet of life possibilities. Feeling stuck in a Groundhog Day loop? Consult those stars, baby, and they’ll show you how to tango outta that rut. 🌌🎵

So, go ahead. Dive into that celestial mirror, and don’t just make it a glance—make it a gaze. Your natal chart is not just a one-night stand; it’s a lifelong romance. And who knows? You might just meet the most fascinating person in the universe—you. 🌠💖

I create individual research for each of these topics, according to the wishes of the Man and his questions. Usually, the process begins when we define questions with the most suitable angle for your case. You write me at [email protected] about what interests you and what you want to explore, and then we form the most compelling questions for it.

The process begins with defining the matter

When you’re navigating the labyrinth of life, you need more than a paper map and good intentions. You need cosmic GPS, seasoned with sage advice, and maybe a dash of razzle-dazzle energy magic. 🌌✨ That’s where I saunter in, with my bag of mystical goodies.

Picture it: You, all cozy in your sanctuary, receiving an email—or maybe an audio message if you’re feeling all retro podcast-y—that’s teeming with cosmic wisdom. Think Dumbledore meets Oprah but with a dash of sultry Morgan Freeman narration. Or hey, let’s up the ante—how ’bout a video, a personalized TED Talk for your soul? 📽️🔮

And if you’re craving some face-to-screen time, we can take it to Skype. It’s like speed-dating with Destiny, but you’re the only one who scores. 😘

Hold up—does your spiritual crisis have an expiration date? No worries! My turnaround time’s usually a hot minute, but if you’re on spiritual life support, we’ll hit that emergency button together. 🚨⏳

But here’s the pièce de résistance: Every reading, every moment of divination is couture, baby. You won’t get off-the-rack wisdom; you’ll get a personalized style session for your soul. Because let’s face it, one-size-fits-all is for socks, not for celestial insight. 🌠👗

So are you ready to unlock the star-studded, shimmering tapestry of YOU? Strap in. It’s gonna be a bumpy, exciting, and oh-so-enlightening ride! 🌌🛸💫

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