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The Tarot is like your own personal cosmic glam squad. It’s not just flipping cards; it’s flipping the script on your soul’s drama, showing you how to strut your stuff in the universe’s grand catwalk. Think of it as diving into the VIP pool of your subconscious and fishing out pearls of wisdom like you’re at an A-list oyster bar. A little moonlight here, a little star-power there, and voila! Your inner shadows don’t stand a chance; they’re suddenly as irrelevant as last season’s shoes. So why stay in the dark when you could be the headliner of your own life’s stage? Now, who’s up for a soul-makeover?

Navigating Consciousness: A Guide to Readings & Infinite Roads

Tarot ain’t your yes-man, and it doesn’t sugarcoat. Oh, no, darling. It’s like that brutally honest BFF who tells you those jeans do make your butt look big—but only because they know you’re destined for greatness. Or at least better jeans.

Why settle for a life of mere meh, when the Tarot can give you the cosmic lowdown to metamorphosize into your own superhero? We’re talkin’ long-term mojo here—life-hacks gifted straight from the universe’s cheat sheet. You’ve got the free will, baby; Tarot just helps you crank up its volume.

Now, asking the right question to Mr. Tarot is like giving a Grammy-worthy performance; it’s all in the details. The juicier the question, the tastier the answer. That’s why I roll up my sleeves and get down to the real nitty-gritty with ya. Yeah, that’s right. We put that question under the existential microscope, give it a little zhuzh, and boom! We’ve got ourselves an astral bullseye.

So you’ve got personal quests or celestial cravings? Fabulous. I’m your cartomantic DJ, mixing the cosmic beats of your life, spinning the records of your soul. We’ll explore your wishes, flirt with your fears, and set the stage for whatever spiritual shenanigans you’re game for. You in?


• Perspectives and Forecasts: a cosmic casino where free will is both the wild card and the jackpot. Sure, it’s tantalizing to peek into that magical crystal ball for a cheat sheet on love, work, or that itch-inducing decision you’ve gotta make. But remember, darling, that Tarot’s spoilers can be game-changers.

Ah, the seductive allure of “probable outcomes.” Like checking the last page of a steamy romance novel or sneaking a peek at your birthday gifts. But beware, it’s a double-edged cosmic sword. While Tarot’s tea might spill some soul-stirring insights that nudge your path, it’s never a Life GPS set in stone. Nah, it’s more like a cheeky wink from the Universe, saying, “You might wanna check this out, hot stuff.”

Do you dare sip this forbidden elixir of future-y feels? Are you keen to see how that career move, hot date, or existential leap will ripple across the pond of your life? Then slip on your spiritual stilettos and strut down the runway of infinite possibilities. We’re not just sketching your future; we’re designing your destiny, haute couture style. Let’s dish some divine dirt and get those cosmic wheels turning, shall we? 🌠

• ANNUAL REVIEW: an insight into the next twelve months of the new cycle, on the occasion of the new year, the astral year (birthday), or simply an overview from the moment it is asked.


• LOVE: why it does not come or comes with the wrong ones… how to make it happen to be a lasting and rewarding relationship. What potentials this relationship has to last, background karma and learning, why we chose each other as a soul, what soul contracts we share, how to resolve them and live them to the best, what tasks of self-realization we choose to activate in each other.

• RELATIONSHIPS: love, business, family, friendship – all aspects of relationships with other people, unconscious and energetic interactions, learning and contracts of souls, and opportunities for future development… karmic and dharmic relations.

• DHARMA / PURPOSE: what is my realization – what is it that makes my soul incarnate, to realize – what is its law of creation according to its nature and through which work it fulfills its mission? Best.

• BUSINESS PLAN: strengths, weaknesses of an idea, and the right way and time for fruitful actions.

• ANALYSIS OF HEALTH – PSYCHOLOGY & BODY: the current situation in the organs, what the condition indicates, where it comes from, where it leads and how to improve it to your advantage.

• AURA: PERSONAL ENERGY PICTURE: analysis of the entire state of a person at the level of emotional, mental, etheric, and physical and awareness of unique life potentials, condition, and mental and karmic materials in the chakras. Memories, strengths, and weaknesses of identities from past lives.

• PATH OF LIFE: what experiences the soul has chosen to go through in the areas of life and how it can do it best for itself – reading aspects and exploring improvement measures in potentially problematic areas.

• LIFE – CHILDREN: who is the soul that came, what vibrations it holds, and information in them; what it has to teach its parents and what specific quality they should develop in it. What soul agreements are at play in specific parent-child relationships and the best ways of upbringing and approach.


• BUSINESS TACTICS AND MOVES: what to do to start a business, which business, optimal marketing, with whom, which moment, when to invest, in what and how much .. possible pitfalls and hidden advantages…

• DECISIONS: accept a new business offer .. buy an apartment .. check how each decision affects our lives and what it brings.

• CRISIS MANAGEMENT: states of transition in life are the most sensitive because a man lacks clarity. This is when it is said that “he does not see a tree from the forest.” And just then, it is crucial to play right in terms of being most in tune with yourself and your purpose. We discover exactly how to go through a crisis and get the best out of the whole process through this.


• ASTROTAROT: a combination of Tarot and astrology in the form of modifying the influence of natal and transit aspects and awareness of working with them to live the most – what transit brings me, how can I change the influence of a particular natal aspect, how to best use the influence of my planets…

• NUMEROTAROT: what numbers and thus vibrations I have in my data (date and name and surname), what they cause and how to reconcile them with myself.

• REGRESSION READING / REINCARNATION: which key female and male incarnations impact current life and how.

• DNA CODES & STARSEED ORIGINS: of which vibrations are woven into the creation of the universe.

• ANGELIC GUIDES OF THE SOUL: spiritual higher frequency beings (“angels and archangels”) – actually soul guides.

• DREAMS, SYMBOLS AND SIGNS: an analysis of our dreams, what they mean and what they tell us… as well as repeated signs along the way – for example, number strings, birds…

• SHADOW: only when we know our shadow can we live our light.

• SPHERE: arranging your living and/or workspace in a way that energetically supports us and/or the whole family.

Individual research is done for each of these topics, according to the preferences of the Man and his questions. You can have as many questions on a topic, as you want it. But always, the process begins with us defining questions.

To discuss your perfect discourse on some subject, contact me at [email protected] – write what interests you, what you want to explore, and then we form the most compelling questions for it.


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