TAROTALK: Cards stories

The space from where Tarot stories inspire to create&rule your life and world, using the mind, heart, energy, and gorgeous pictures for souls powers activation.

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Seer’s seeds

What we see in our mind – is what we create in our life. We seed our life through our vision of it. So, let’s see and seed what is most remarkable for us to enjoy it.

For this, I use Tarot. After all, those are images. Also, visions that contain the vibration, therefore information. Some call them pictures of a soul and its archetypes. They might be icons that can derive experiences from all dimensions, time-space realities. I agree with all theories. Besides, the most appealing fact is: Tarot shows you stories. That might happen if you do or don’t expel certain behaviors and moves.

Therefore, it gives you the power to change, meaning rule yourself and your destiny to your highest will. Hence, let’s enjoy together with its possibilities and wisdom stories.

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