Chill Vibes: Mastering the Inner Game

    Diving deep into your essence isn’t like flipping on a dime and strutting off in a new direction. Nah, it’s more like realizing you’ve been running circles around your own tail, chasing every shiny whim and fantasy, only to end up with a bag of letdowns. Each craving? Just another chapter in the “Oops, not what I thought” saga. That desire merry-go-round doesn’t leave you quenched, just mirage-thirsty. You keep quenching, but the destination? Always just a postcard from “Nowheresville.” Then comes that aha moment, that sultry whisper of wisdom crooning, “Babe, where you’re running ain’t where the party’s at.” It’s not about slamming the brakes or flipping a U-ey…


    Brigid’s Cosmic Bash: A Guide to Divine Swagger and Celestial Craftsmanship

    The Triple Goddess, she’s not just some high-concept, out-of-reach divinity. Nah, she’s the OG of feminine vibes, rolling through life’s stages from that fresh-faced ingenue, leveling up to her boss-babe prime, and then gliding into her sage wonder years. Out East, she’s the powerhouse trio – Parvati, Lakshmi, Durga, with Kali bringing up the rear, the ultimate femme fatale. But in the West? She’s Brigid, our Celtic queen of the arts, divination, and making dreams happen. Now, Brigid’s bash? It’s a cosmic gig held on the down-low each February, on the 1st or 2nd, syncing up with Mama Moon’s mood. It’s like the universe throws this shindig to celebrate the…

  • Pluto in Aquarius

    Into the Vortex: The Deep Atomic Shifts of Pluto in Aquarius

    Here we are: the revolution of society and collective mind. When we see with our own eyes that science fiction is actually science fact. When questions of the integration of artificial and organic intelligence, their fusion, are stirred. Because, fusion is when your personal creative mind collaborates with artificial intelligence. Okay, it’s not yet the stage where the program is implemented in you, like the earring they pinch on babies as soon as they are born, but we’re not far. Besides, it’s practical. And with that come questions of moral boundaries about it. What are the dangers? What are the advantages? Huge, both of them. No, this is not a…

  • "Blog post titled 'In Search of the Perfect 'Shoe': Love, Tarot, and the Dance of Destiny' written in Croatian. The post explores the analogy between finding the perfect romantic partner and the quest for the ideal shoe, blending humor, Tarot insights, and practical advice on love and relationships. It emphasizes the importance of inner clarity, emotional healing through Tarot, and making choices that nourish the soul, presented in a mystical and engaging narrative style.

    The Quest for the Perfect Fit

    Imagine embarking on a quest, not for just any ordinary thing, but for the perfect shoe. Picture it: stunning enough to steal the spotlight at the fanciest gala, yet so comfy it feels like floating on clouds. Sounds like a fantasy, right? But isn’t this the exact adventure we undertake in the maze of relationships? The Not-So-Perfect Pair: A Tale of Love and Regrets We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Falling for that almost-right pair, whispering to ourselves, “It’s just a wee pinch, it’ll stretch out.” But, spoiler alert: it doesn’t. Instead, we end up nursing blisters and a heap of regrets. Why do we do this to ourselves, be…

  • An image of the Four of Swords from a tarot deck. The card depicts a serene scene with a figure lying horizontally, appearing to be at rest or in a state of peaceful contemplation. The figure's hands are folded in a prayer-like position over their heart, suggesting a need for rest, recuperation, or meditation. Above the figure, three swords are mounted on the wall, pointing downwards, while the fourth sword lies beneath the figure, all symbolizing a period of recovery or respite. The background is typically minimal, emphasizing a sense of calm and stillness. This card often signifies a time for rest, reflection, and a need to recharge mentally and emotionally.

    Pause for a Cosmic Makeover

    Imagine you’re chillin’ in a cosmic spa, a sleek spaceship with all-dimensional crews tweaking your vibe. Picture healing like shedding your old skin, a total glow-up from the inside out. You’re snoozing away, floating in the zero-gravity of your mind, as the universe declutters your cosmic closet. Like a pause for a cosmic makeover. In the grind of the daily, it might not look like the hottest ticket in town. You’re in the ultimate snooze-fest, feeling all kinds of wonky and worn. But babe, it’s all about hitting that fabulous reset button. Think of it as the universe’s cheeky way of saying, “Time for a little tune-up, gorgeous!” So, let’s…


    A Journey to Vibrant Self-Expression and Creative Liberation

    Alright, picture this: Modesty is your baseline, the chill in your vibe, but there comes a moment, darling, when you’ve gotta throw that cloak off and strut your stuff. Those acrobatic feats you pull off? They aren’t just party tricks, honey. They’re the hard-earned trophies of your talent show. You’ve been at this game so long, those moves are like second nature, and maybe, just maybe, you’ve forgotten the blood, sweat, and tears that got you here. But here’s the thing – now, it’s like you’re playing in the big leagues, and it’s all just a game to you. Showcase Your Mastery to the World Now listen up, it’s showtime! Your…


    Remix Your Reality: Spinning a New Tune for Life

    Imagine you’re stuck on repeat, like a vintage vinyl, groove-worn and predictable, spinning the same old tune, day in, day out. It’s a familiar beat, the one that’s had your life dancing to the same rhythm, same steps, without a chance to freestyle. But hey, here’s the twist – you can flip the script, remix the track. Think of it, not just as a change in tune, but a whole new dance floor. You’re the DJ of your destiny, mixing it up, cueing in beats that make your soul shimmy and your spirit swing. Swap out that dusty old record for a rhythm that’s fresh, vibrant, and dripping with zest.…


    Master the Conflict: 2 of Swords

    You’re in a showdown with your mirror image, a tango of two selves. It’s not just a brawl, darling, it’s an art – think aikido, think fluidity, think grace. You’re not just throwing punches; you’re learning the rhythm of your own soul. Winning over yourself? That’s the real game. It’s like knowing the secret twists and turns of a labyrinth that is your mind. Victory? Oh, it’s all about seducing yourself into submission, making peace in the battleground of your thoughts. Imagine your inner conflicts waltzing together instead of throwing a fit. Internal conflict, babe, is like arguing with your reflection – utterly pointless yet fascinating. The trick? Embrace the…


    Embrace the Chaos: A Guide to Soulful Living

    We all have those days where life feels like a jigsaw puzzle assembled by a drunk octopus, am I right? We lose our mojo when chaos enters the chat. Like, “Who invited you, Chaos? The party was just getting started!” But that’s just life cranking up the volume on the soul station. Dig this: Life’s not a logical animal. It’s more like a jazz improv session led by cosmic forces, Divine intelligence, or whatever you want to call that mixtape of magic and mystery. Seriously, the Universe knows how to curate a killer playlist — from cosmic arrangements to personal healing jams. So, what’s the cardinal sin here? Control freakery,…


    Reclaiming Vibes: The Cosmic Patch-Up Chronicles

    Girl, she’s draggin’ — I mean, can you spell S-L-O-W? Someone’s been pocketing her mojo like a back-alley pickpocket nabbing Rolexes. Picture this: it’s as if her spirit’s got a leech, sippin’ the life out of her creative cocktail. Right? But let’s get poetic. Imagine you once danced with a soul in the ballroom of inspiration — maybe last Tuesday, maybe another lifetime, who knows? You lent them a spark, and now you’re paying the electric bill, babe. Your energy’s got more leaks than a celebrity’s Twitter account. Now, for a twist: while parked under your soul-soothing meditation tree, the divine lightbulb goes off. You’re woke, but not in the…

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