• Joy and fun among the children in Tarot

    Journey to Joy

    Hey there, Time Traveler! Ready to take a wild slide down memory lane? Picture this: you’re not just reminiscing; you’re hopping on a nostalgia-coaster, zooming through the happiest, most kickass moments of your life. The goal? To relight those sparks of pure, unadulterated joy. Yeah, we’re talking about the kind of happiness that makes fireworks seem like a snooze fest. Think back to those carefree childhood days, when your biggest worry was whether grandma would chase away the other kids from the swing set just for your royal highness. Or those sweet teenage years, when every first felt like a headline event – first crush, first kiss, first heart-thumping adventure.…


    The Electric Rodeo: From Infatuation to Love

    It’s ever so easy to mistake passion for love, but ah — there are telltale signs that unveil what kind of cosmic attraction you’re really feeling. Everyone, darling, has an energy, a vibration that’s like their own private radio station. We often say someone is — or isn’t — on our “frequency.” Basically, when we ‘click,’ it’s like two celestial bodies aligning in energetic harmony. Normally, it’s all about syncing through one of the main chakras. You know, tuning forks in the same emotional key, so they can “fix each other up” in this droll little melodrama called life. Audio version here: Psychology, that stuffy old maid, suggests that people…

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