Mom’s Embrace: Healing Echoes from the Womb

    Imagine chilling in the cosmic crib of Mother Universe, vibing in the ultimate snug zone where the vibe is all about being cradled in cosmic love. It’s like, before we even hit the scene, we’re soaking up the feels from Momma Nature herself, getting the lowdown through some ethereal umbilical cord. Sensitive mamas swear by it, saying their babes are whispering soul secrets right from the get-go. Now, fast forward, and here we are, trying to recreate that primo snuggle fest with every soul we bump into. It’s a wild ride, right? We’re out here mistaking security blankets for heart-thumping love, getting all tangled up in a hot mess of…


    Flames of Renewal: A Cosmic Couture

    Embarking on a Mystical Journey Through the Flames of Renewal, Delving into the Art of Cosmic Couture to Ignite Profound Aura Transformation and Spiritual Rebirth Embracing the Cosmic Rhythms Here we are, teetering on the brink of Brigid’s embrace, that Celtic flame flickering in the dark, just as Candlemas whispers to the Catholics and the Chinese New Year spins its own tale of renewal. We’re smack in the middle of a cosmic dance, where the sun starts throwing shade at the night, stretching the days out like a lazy cat in the sunbeam. So, what’s the game plan? We’re weaving a bit of starlight into an aura-healing masterpiece – a…

  • Joy and fun among the children in Tarot

    Journey to Joy

    Hey there, Time Traveler! Ready to take a wild slide down memory lane? Picture this: you’re not just reminiscing; you’re hopping on a nostalgia-coaster, zooming through the happiest, most kickass moments of your life. The goal? To relight those sparks of pure, unadulterated joy. Yeah, we’re talking about the kind of happiness that makes fireworks seem like a snooze fest. Think back to those carefree childhood days, when your biggest worry was whether grandma would chase away the other kids from the swing set just for your royal highness. Or those sweet teenage years, when every first felt like a headline event – first crush, first kiss, first heart-thumping adventure.…


    Remix Your Reality: Spinning a New Tune for Life

    Imagine you’re stuck on repeat, like a vintage vinyl, groove-worn and predictable, spinning the same old tune, day in, day out. It’s a familiar beat, the one that’s had your life dancing to the same rhythm, same steps, without a chance to freestyle. But hey, here’s the twist – you can flip the script, remix the track. Think of it, not just as a change in tune, but a whole new dance floor. You’re the DJ of your destiny, mixing it up, cueing in beats that make your soul shimmy and your spirit swing. Swap out that dusty old record for a rhythm that’s fresh, vibrant, and dripping with zest.…


    Programming Water

    One of the super magical things, but this magic is actually a beautiful poetic word. Magic and spells are, in essence, romantic words for science, just like aura is a romantic word for an electromagnetic field. Well, I see your electromagnetic field, it’s nothing special, but, hmm, seeing your aura, now that sounds interesting. But in principle, they are just constructs. When we activate our magic and spells, in fact, we are activating the practical part of the soul. Practices like Taoism, for example, which I like because it’s practical. On one hand, we have Hinduism, all those religions, and that’s already garbage from the start. But, in principle, when…


    Shine in: Out of Shadows

    In the mystic realms of Japan, there’s this epic tale about Amaterasu, the sun goddess, who’s like the celestial diva of light. Picture this: she’s chilling in her solar groove when her bro, Susanoo, kinda loses his marbles. This dude, god of storms and whatnot, goes full-on berserk mode, trashing rice fields and giving everyone major grief. His ultimate party foul? Tossing a dead horse into Amaterasu’s sacred weaving sesh. Talk about a mood killer, right? So, Amaterasu, in a fit of the blues mixed with a dash of ‘I’m so done with this’, decides to ghost the world. She ducks into this cave, slams a cosmic rock in the…


    Removing Arrows from the Aura

    Picture this: arrows, not your everyday Cupid’s kind, but these mystical, aura-piercing deals. They’re like those sneaky souvenirs from our soul’s epic journey – some from way back, from shamanic showdowns to dramatic love sagas. Now, imagine your aura, not as some boring old light bubble, but as this rad, pulsating energy field, rockin’ the aftereffects of astral battles. These arrows? They ain’t just metaphors, babe. They’re like energetic tattoos, marks of our spiritual hustle, embedded in our ethereal flesh. And where do they chill? Right in those spots that matter – heart, solar plexus, you name it. And get this, these aren’t just leftover bling from our past life…


    Stellar Ride Through “Guided Meditation” Debunked

    Buckle up! We’re about to take a cosmic rollercoaster ride through the trippy world of “guided meditation” with all the style, spice, and spirit of a Saturday night disco. Question on the dance floor: “Yo, does the DJ’s voice mess with my vibe during this so-called MEDITATION jam?” Answer, baby: “Ahh, the sweet nectar of your question drips with divine timing! Like, finally, someone wants to cut through the New (c)age nonsense marinated in patchouli and chakras. Are ya’ ready? Here it comes — Brace yourself: GUIDED MEDITATION DOES NOT EXIST. For reals. It’s like saying you’re ‘kinda pregnant.’ Ain’t no such thing, sweetheart.” Hold up, let’s get poetic and deep, like…


    Be Your Own Universe: Vibes & Jives

    Ever dreamed of being so free that even the stars would want your autograph? I’m talking real freedom, baby — not just from 9-to-5 gigs or soul-sucking traffic, but freedom from your own overthinking noggin, that carnival of sensations you call feelings, and those sneaky senses that claim to know it all. So, picture this — a fab client swaggers into my Ki Tarot lounge, right? Conscious as a Zen master, pretty as a sunset, and brave as a lioness in Louboutins. But hey, plot twist! She’s freaking out. Astrology has her thinking Armageddon’s knocking on her door. Gurl, I couldn’t roll my eyes hard enough! Astrology, darling, you’re the…

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