Unveiling the Sultry Rhythm of Self-Knowledge & Self-Awareness

So, you think you’re the bee’s knees because you got that corner office or you’re Mom of the Year? Cute, but that’s like saying a rose is just its thorns. Nah, you’re more, a whole celestial garden of complexity! These roles you’re rockin’? They’re just the glitter on the cosmic cocktail of your soul.

What, pray tell, is your go-to masquerade? Mr. Tough Guy or maybe the Perennial Peacemaker? Oh, don’t be shy, we’ve all got our tried-and-true roles. Question is: Are you strutting those characters because you’re running on spiritual autopilot, or is it ’cause you’re too cozy in that rut to break free? No judgment, sweet cheeks. Or—hold your cosmos—are you savvy enough to pick the persona that’s in harmony with your true groove and the scene you’re in? The kinda role that doesn’t just get you through the dinner party, but makes you the damn life of it?

Get real with yourself. It’s like trying on a sultry black dress or a dapper tux; you gotta feel it to rock it. What your soul’s sporting isn’t just about swagger; it’s about syncing up with the universe’s drumbeat. So are you the pawn or the puppet master? Keep in mind, self-awareness isn’t just the cherry on top, it’s the whole damn sundae.

Yeah, when you tune into your own frequency and not just jam to whatever life’s blasting, you don’t just solve problems—you slay ’em. So get to know the Big You, not just the cameo appearances you make in the sitcom of life. Trust me, it’s a show worth binge-watching.

Who am I? Awareness
Psyche and Soul

  • Why don’t I believe in myself?
  • How do I stop doing that?
  • What is my crucial self-awareness – self-knowledge I should discover?
  • What part of me makes me feel rejected? Why and how do I change that?
  • What is the key mechanism that drives my creativity and productivity?
  • What is the right move in physical reality to act confident?
  • Who – some reincarnated person or ancestral unconscious to take on an identity, or something third – is constantly afraid of the world, people, and life in me? What persona of mine – some reminiscence from past lives, unconscious ancestral entities, or something else – makes me constantly afraid of the world, people, and life? How can I dissolve it?
  • Why don’t I dare make the change I see I need, and how do I change it?
  • How can I regain my courage and self-confidence?

Hey, sugarplum, ever consider that the roles you sport are your soul’s personal wardrobe? Yup, like haute couture for your inner divinity. You could be the CEO or the jester, the seductress or the saint. Newsflash: You’re all those things and none of ’em, a smorgasbord of celestial deliciousness. Think of your soul—or let’s get poetic, your eternal Consciousness—as the VIP behind the velvet rope. It’s your divine pilot light, baby, and guess what? You can either fan that flame or let it flicker out.

Oh, don’t get it twisted, some folks are perfectly content to be wallflowers at the cosmic dance. They’re like clockwork oranges—just going through the motions, running on someone else’s winding key. Strolling through life with vacant gazes, like they’re lost in a never-ending loop of elevator music. Boring? Hell yeah. Necessary? Not on your life.

But, oh, sweet calamity, what’s this? Feeling a little blue, are we? Consider it a cosmic nudge, an existential wake-up call. If you’ve hit a snag and you’re all tangled up in feels of emptiness or the Big S (sadness), you’ve just earned yourself a VIP pass to Transformation Town. Why? Because nothing screams “Hey, something’s off!” louder than feeling outta sync with your own saucy self. Time for a little emotional detox, a spiritual makeover, if you will. Strip away the roles that ain’t cuttin’ it anymore. Time to toss out that ratty old t-shirt of an identity and slip into something that really makes you shine.

So if you’re down in the dumps, break out that psychic checklist. Ask yourself: What ancient persona needs to be tossed out like last season’s shoes? What fresh attitude will make you the star on your life’s dance floor once more? And do it with flair, for heaven’s sake. Life’s too short for anything less than fabulous.


  • STARSEED: from where are your star origins, and from what dominant psychic powers you inherited from your species?
  • AstroTarot: a combination of Tarot and astrology in the form of modifying the influence of natal and transit aspects and awareness of working with them to live the most – what transit brings me, how can I change the influence of a particular natal aspect, how to best use the influence of my planets…
  • NumeroTarot: what numbers and thus vibrations I have in my data (date and name and surname), what they cause and how to reconcile them with myself.
  • REGRESS READING / REINCARNATION: which key female and male incarnations impact current life and how.
  • DNA codes: of which vibrations are woven into the creation of the universe.
  • GUIDES OF THE SOUL: angels and archangels – personal, karmic, and dharmic who guide us and manifest in other, “mentoring” guides and elemental beings on our life path.
  • Dreams, Symbols, and Signs: an analysis of our dreams, what they mean, and what they tell us… as well as repeated signs along the way – for example, number strings, birds
  • SHADOW: only when we know our shadow can we live our light.
  • SPHERE: arranging your living and/or workspace in a way that energetically supports us and/or the whole family.

are you on the hunt for a little cosmic inside scoop? Want the lowdown on all those intriguing roles you play, from the showstopper to the wallflower? Let’s dive deeper than a midnight swim in the mysteries of your soul. I’m talking Tarot—with a celestial twist. Think of it as your backstage pass to understanding the quirks, the kinks, and the divine symphony that makes you, well, you.

Feel like you’re stuck on a loop, rehashing the same ol’ behaviors? Blame it on your “conditioning”? Ugh, as if! Spoiler alert: You’re not stuck, darling, you’re just temporarily misplaced. Ready to swap out the old scripts and star in a whole new act?

“Ah, but what about my astrological handcuffs?” you say. Those pesky aspects and placements you think are holding you back like a bad 80s hairdo? Trust me, those celestial coordinates are more like preferences on a dating app, not an inescapable destiny. It’s not about what you’ve got; it’s all about how you flaunt it.

So, if you’re itching for a narrative that really speaks to your soul, tingles your toes, and sends shivers up your divine spine, why not slide into my inbox for a personalized Tarot tale? We’ll spill the tea on your cosmic tendencies, flip the script on your Earthly roles, and find you that role of a lifetime you were born to play. Ready to be dazzled? Hit me up, hotshot. 🌠 [email protected]


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