About me: Dea Devidas

I’ve been playing footsie with Tarot cards since I was a five-year-old, way before it was “the thing” to do. Yeah, you heard me, FIVE. Big shoutout to Mama Magic for the intro. It’s not like I had “Spirituality 101” as a kiddie course—those were the ‘80s, babes. No yoga studios on every corner, no Goop-approved chakra kits. Just me, vibing with Thoth, Marseille, and our buddy Rider-Waite like we were the Fantastic Four of esotericism. 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️

Yeah, I went on this whole mystical, self-taught joyride—yoga poses in the living room, chanting incantations while most kids chanted nursery rhymes. It was my own little Hogwarts minus the sorting hat. 🧙‍♀️ But then, boom, cosmic plot twist! I realized I was channeling something bigger than Dumbledore’s beard, using Tarot as the golden key to my own innate mediumship. No need for divination diplomas when you’re already dialing direct to the Universe, right? 🌠🗝

Now, plot thickens. Officially, my CV says “Master of Journalism from the University of Political Sciences in Zagreb.” Spent a decade in the glitzy, sometimes ritzy, world of celebrity glossies. But let’s spill: that was just my “Montage Moment”—you know, like in those makeover movies? I was getting my Ph.D. in human psych without the student loans. The stars I was interviewing? They were my guinea pigs, spilling tea and seeking sage wisdom. 🎥🍵

So, let’s wrap this tale with a cosmic bow. I may have started as a starry-eyed little sprite shuffling cards, but baby, I’ve evolved. I’m no longer just a Tarot reader; I’m your astral narrator, painting your life’s tapestry with every flip of a card.

Seeing shapes and colors everywhere, then talking to cards for an extra story, or if the explanation is needed

Let’s get in touch & play some cards!

If you want a clarification of your dilemmas, I am happy to divine for you and give you another perspective with the Tarot. It always shows something that we’ve overlooked. It surprises and awakes. So, throw your questions and let us dive into stories of your soul – that are waiting to show themselves and integrate into your mind and life to guide you into complete light-force being as you are.

You can email me at: [email protected] or we can share here:

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