Rise with the Dragon: Unveiling Your Cosmic Potential

    The Dragon Year? Oh, it’s the cosmic call to wake up the real MVP within us, the slice of stardust that’s all about crafting and vibing with the universe. It’s that divine spark, the OG creator and cosmic DJ spinning the tracks of order in the great galactic party. We’re talking about tapping into the secret sauce in our DNA, those wisdom-packed sequences that know how to rock their creative mojo for the ultimate good vibes, both for the personal playlist and the universal mixtape. It’s like unlocking the ultimate life hack, where we channel our inner cosmic virtuoso, painting our lives with broad, bold strokes of brilliance and a…


    Transform misery into power

    Once upon a now, in the wild dance of life, we rocked the universe, ruling like kings and queens in our cosmic playground. But hey, times change, right? That swagger sometimes fades, leaving us feeling like a one-hit wonder after the party’s over. But here’s the juicy part: that echo of greatness? It’s still humming in our bones, hiding in the shadows of our soul. So when that ancient vibe hits and you feel like a wilted flower under the scorching sun, what’s the move? Close those peepers and take the plunge into the blues. Swim in that sea of sobs, my friend. It’s not just a meltdown; it’s a…


    Chill Vibes: Mastering the Inner Game

    Diving deep into your essence isn’t like flipping on a dime and strutting off in a new direction. Nah, it’s more like realizing you’ve been running circles around your own tail, chasing every shiny whim and fantasy, only to end up with a bag of letdowns. Each craving? Just another chapter in the “Oops, not what I thought” saga. That desire merry-go-round doesn’t leave you quenched, just mirage-thirsty. You keep quenching, but the destination? Always just a postcard from “Nowheresville.” Then comes that aha moment, that sultry whisper of wisdom crooning, “Babe, where you’re running ain’t where the party’s at.” It’s not about slamming the brakes or flipping a U-ey…


    Mom’s Embrace: Healing Echoes from the Womb

    Imagine chilling in the cosmic crib of Mother Universe, vibing in the ultimate snug zone where the vibe is all about being cradled in cosmic love. It’s like, before we even hit the scene, we’re soaking up the feels from Momma Nature herself, getting the lowdown through some ethereal umbilical cord. Sensitive mamas swear by it, saying their babes are whispering soul secrets right from the get-go. Now, fast forward, and here we are, trying to recreate that primo snuggle fest with every soul we bump into. It’s a wild ride, right? We’re out here mistaking security blankets for heart-thumping love, getting all tangled up in a hot mess of…


    Flames of Renewal: A Cosmic Couture

    Embarking on a Mystical Journey Through the Flames of Renewal, Delving into the Art of Cosmic Couture to Ignite Profound Aura Transformation and Spiritual Rebirth Embracing the Cosmic Rhythms Here we are, teetering on the brink of Brigid’s embrace, that Celtic flame flickering in the dark, just as Candlemas whispers to the Catholics and the Chinese New Year spins its own tale of renewal. We’re smack in the middle of a cosmic dance, where the sun starts throwing shade at the night, stretching the days out like a lazy cat in the sunbeam. So, what’s the game plan? We’re weaving a bit of starlight into an aura-healing masterpiece – a…


    Brigid’s Cosmic Bash: A Guide to Divine Swagger and Celestial Craftsmanship

    The Triple Goddess, she’s not just some high-concept, out-of-reach divinity. Nah, she’s the OG of feminine vibes, rolling through life’s stages from that fresh-faced ingenue, leveling up to her boss-babe prime, and then gliding into her sage wonder years. Out East, she’s the powerhouse trio – Parvati, Lakshmi, Durga, with Kali bringing up the rear, the ultimate femme fatale. But in the West? She’s Brigid, our Celtic queen of the arts, divination, and making dreams happen. Now, Brigid’s bash? It’s a cosmic gig held on the down-low each February, on the 1st or 2nd, syncing up with Mama Moon’s mood. It’s like the universe throws this shindig to celebrate the…

  • Pluto in Aquarius

    Into the Vortex: The Deep Atomic Shifts of Pluto in Aquarius

    Here we are: the revolution of society and collective mind. When we see with our own eyes that science fiction is actually science fact. When questions of the integration of artificial and organic intelligence, their fusion, are stirred. Because, fusion is when your personal creative mind collaborates with artificial intelligence. Okay, it’s not yet the stage where the program is implemented in you, like the earring they pinch on babies as soon as they are born, but we’re not far. Besides, it’s practical. And with that come questions of moral boundaries about it. What are the dangers? What are the advantages? Huge, both of them. No, this is not a…

  • Joy and fun among the children in Tarot

    Journey to Joy

    Hey there, Time Traveler! Ready to take a wild slide down memory lane? Picture this: you’re not just reminiscing; you’re hopping on a nostalgia-coaster, zooming through the happiest, most kickass moments of your life. The goal? To relight those sparks of pure, unadulterated joy. Yeah, we’re talking about the kind of happiness that makes fireworks seem like a snooze fest. Think back to those carefree childhood days, when your biggest worry was whether grandma would chase away the other kids from the swing set just for your royal highness. Or those sweet teenage years, when every first felt like a headline event – first crush, first kiss, first heart-thumping adventure.…

  • "Blog post titled 'In Search of the Perfect 'Shoe': Love, Tarot, and the Dance of Destiny' written in Croatian. The post explores the analogy between finding the perfect romantic partner and the quest for the ideal shoe, blending humor, Tarot insights, and practical advice on love and relationships. It emphasizes the importance of inner clarity, emotional healing through Tarot, and making choices that nourish the soul, presented in a mystical and engaging narrative style.

    The Quest for the Perfect Fit

    Imagine embarking on a quest, not for just any ordinary thing, but for the perfect shoe. Picture it: stunning enough to steal the spotlight at the fanciest gala, yet so comfy it feels like floating on clouds. Sounds like a fantasy, right? But isn’t this the exact adventure we undertake in the maze of relationships? The Not-So-Perfect Pair: A Tale of Love and Regrets We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Falling for that almost-right pair, whispering to ourselves, “It’s just a wee pinch, it’ll stretch out.” But, spoiler alert: it doesn’t. Instead, we end up nursing blisters and a heap of regrets. Why do we do this to ourselves, be…

  • Illustration depicting a mystical scene with a Capricorn whose horns are shaped like a crescent moon, gazing towards envisioned towers. Beside it, a small octopus symbolizes adaptability, and above, a bolt of lightning adds a touch of inspiration. The artwork is rendered in watercolor and ink style, featuring vibrant splashes of yellow, black, white, green, brown, and pastel colors, creating a dynamic and whimsical atmosphere that captures the essence of Capricorn's ambition and the astrological themes associated with it.

    Celestial Ambitions: Embracing the Capricorn New Moon’s Transformative Journey

    Explore the New Moon in Capricorn through 7 vibrant chapters, from cosmic shows to personal empowerment and celestial teamwork. Chapter 1: Cosmic Runway ShowHey stargazers, ready for a celestial spectacle? The New Moon in Capricorn is stepping into the limelight on January. It’s not just any night sky affair; it’s a cosmic catwalk where the moon, decked in Capricorn couture, sashays with ambition and responsibility. Think less whimsy, more strategy. It’s a dreamland for go-getters and high-flyers. So, strap in and get ready for this starry ascent, where dreams are not just spun; they’re meticulously crafted. Chapter 2: Intuitive Tango with UranusEnter Uranus, the rebel of the cosmos, spinning this…

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