A Divine Elegance Tarot deck is crafted by Dea Devidas to spark endless inspiration with every glance. Imagine, you’re swamped with clients, your eyes dancing over cards all day long. Each glance? A burst of fresh inspiration, a new revelation. Deck that is like a unicorn – magical working horse for days with a lot of divinations. That always makes a reader cheerfull in a way, boosting personal power to see and read opulently.

This deck is a journey, a story told in vivid imagery that speaks to the novice and the sage alike. You don’t need to be an old wizard to get these cards; they speak to you, clear as day. But hold on, there’s a layer of complexity for those in the know. It’s like a secret club; the deeper you dive, the more treasures you find.

For instance, colors – straight out of the Thoth Tarot’s playbook, vibrant and vivid, weaving tales from the Tree of Life to the stars above. The Triumphs? They’re a nod to the old-school Marseille style, a mixtape of life’s functions, turning archetypes and stages of life into a visual symphony. And the suits, they’re a twist on our regular playing cards. Twos as dualities, threes as crossroads, fives as the touch of the tangible world, sixes as journeys through time and space. Each card unfolds a story, a scene, like from Rider Waite Smith tradition, perfect for a quick oracle-style read or a deep dive into psyche.

Blend of styles and magic

Now, style – a blend of Art Deco‘s sharp glamour with the fluid grace of Art Nouveau. A collaboration of man, machine, and muse. Yours truly, a dash of AI magic, and the grafic design tech wonders of our era have spun this dream into reality.

Main theme… The breathtaking beauty of life itself, wrapped in the mantra of elegance. It’s like strutting through life’s challenges in your best outfit, chin up, smile on. Because, even when life throws curveballs, we can dance through it with elegance. This is why deck is a celebration of life’s divine dance. Elegance isn’t just a choice; it’s our divine right. Whether we’re stepping boldly or pausing to catch our breath, we’re always – if consciouss about the process, what Tarot makes us – absolutely, elegantly divine.

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