Soul Beats & Body Rhythms: The VIP Guide to Holistic Swagger

First off, your mind is the all-star quarterback; it’s like the maestro orchestrating the symphony for your body’s grand performance. You’re aiming for an Oscar-worthy life, yeah? A blockbuster you can’t get enough of? Then cue the violins and get that mind in tune—consider it the ultimate playlist on your soul’s own streaming service.

So listen up. Your mind isn’t just holed up in your cranium; it’s sashaying all around your physique like it’s the runway at a Paris fashion week. Consider it haute couture for your cells, darling. But, oh, we’re just getting started.

Your aura? It’s your life’s teaser trailer. Positive energy? Fireworks on New Year’s Eve! Bad juju? A lousy B-movie you wish you’d never started. If the lighting in the scenes of your life is skewed, it’s time to check the script and make some edits.

And the grand finale? Your body, sweet cheeks. Those aches and knots are like bad reviews on your life’s IMDb page—time to rewrite the script or recast the supporting roles. Healing is the director’s cut that makes your life a box-office smash.

Ready to dive deeper? Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of your wellbeing playlist. Food allergies or simply allergic to bad energy? Let’s decode it. Need a strategy for kicking that tobacco habit? Let’s find the inner willpower you never knew you had. Struggling with fertility while fit as a fiddle? Might be a subplot we need to explore. And your aura? Honey, that’s a whole separate spin-off series we could dive into.

Here comes the tantalizing part: Questions about your epic life? My Tarot deck’s got answers juicier than a soap opera cliffhanger. Let’s dial into the cosmic hotline and get you that VIP wellness package.

So, if you’re game for a full-body, mind, and soul tuning session, slide into my Tarot DMs. Feel free to pepper in your own burning questions—this is your wellness stage, and you’re the star. Curtain up!

Health begins in mind: certain attitudes lead to particular conditions. From the clean states of mind spring the genuine achievements, and you have an authentic life. Yes, even when it’s hard. People are healthy when their mind is clear, so it reflects on the body. The mind spreads through the body, but it’s wider than it. It uses the body as its instrument.

What’s happening in the mind – first reflects on the non-physical body, our electromagnetic field, the so-called aura. All thoughts, our attitudes, perceptions… how we experience reality, our victories, and defeats… It stands in an aura, either like a dark cloud or like a flash of light.

Then it is reflected in life – some areas are bright and shiny, somewhere it doesn’t go at all. And clearly, it is reflected on the physical body: these are those permanent places that are constricted or sore. This is how healing works – bringing all your inner planes into harmony. And it is accompanied by physical healing, that is, the repair of the human body and the body of life.

Healthy mind and body

  • Which food causes me allergies?
  • What is the crucial move to keep my mind and body healthy – which psychophysical action instantly restores me to health?
  • What is the internal level of my tobacco addiction – what can I do on the inside to get rid of this on the outside?
  • What is the best way to heal for me, the most effective technique or way?
  • Is any diagnosis correct?
  • What inner attitude or unconscious belief causes me to squat – or is it because someone or something is “sitting” on my back?
  • What is the state of my aura?
  • What psychoenergetic materials are in my organs and determine their health?
  • Why can’t I stay pregnant and we’re physically healthy?

These are just some of the questions for the Tarot; of course, you can add your own, which you feel is essential to yourself.

If you want an insight into the healthy state – balance – of your mind and body, the condition of aura, and ways to restore harmony and health, write for your Tarot story at [email protected]


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