AstroTarot: Strumming the Cosmic Strings

Picture your natal chart as this sultry cosmic mirror, bedazzled with stars, shimmering moonlight, and shades of celestial sass. But wait—this mirror doesn’t just reveal that you’ve got spinach in your teeth; it delves into the you that’s been kicking it around for lifetimes. A “Previously On Your Soul’s Journey” kind of reel, giving you the deets on your soul force, quirks, and even your past-life résumé. Yeah, your Netflix binge ain’t got nothing on this saga!

Now let’s gab about that chart’s unique blend with Tarot wisdom—a divine cocktail I call Natal AstroTarot Card. Picture it as a five-star fusion restaurant where astrology serves the appetizer and Tarot whips up the main course. You get answers to all those burning questions about your life’s plot twists. And babe, I’m not talking vague, fortune-cookie stuff; I mean the Tarot’s poetic allegories hand in hand with astrological data that even NASA would envy.

Sweetheart, you’re not held hostage by Mars in retrograde or Saturn having a mood swing. The chart says, “Honey, take the wheel!” This is your universe and you’re not just along for the cosmic ride—you’re the driver, steering through your energetic situations, or let’s call ’em “potential pockets.” Get a grip on these, and you can craft your own life like the world’s most bomb playlist.

Capricorn ascendant? You sizzle like the Tarot’s Devil to some folks, while to others, you’re as seductive as a slow jam. You need to know how to channel that mojo. The tenth house, you say? Well, sprinkle on the charm, but when it’s biz time, suit up and keep it 100, no cap.

Let’s make this a two-way cosmic street. Got questions or want to focus on a particular zodiac sign, planet, or Tarot card? Shoot them over, because unlike a one-size-fits-all horoscope, we’re going bespoke here. It’s like choosing the angle of your selfie; your best side is the one you want to explore. This isn’t some celestial grab bag; we’re talking tailored astro-magic that you and I craft together.

And when it comes to paying the cosmic piper, we’re talking a 100 euro donation for the whole enchilada—natal chart, Tarot, and sass. If you’re dialing in for just one juicy question, like your dream bae’s zodiac sign, that’s 25 euros. Think of it as tipping your celestial bartender for that Natal AstroTarot cocktail.

So what’s the 411? Ready to make your chart as irresistible as you are? 🌠✨

To find the best angle from which you want a view of your chart, and all the preferences you have about the natal chart, write to me at [email protected]


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