Rise with the Dragon: Unveiling Your Cosmic Potential

The Dragon Year? Oh, it’s the cosmic call to wake up the real MVP within us, the slice of stardust that’s all about crafting and vibing with the universe. It’s that divine spark, the OG creator and cosmic DJ spinning the tracks of order in the great galactic party. We’re talking about tapping into the secret sauce in our DNA, those wisdom-packed sequences that know how to rock their creative mojo for the ultimate good vibes, both for the personal playlist and the universal mixtape. It’s like unlocking the ultimate life hack, where we channel our inner cosmic virtuoso, painting our lives with broad, bold strokes of brilliance and a touch of sass.

Enter into Power

Picture this: our souls are like these wild, cosmic libraries, stocked with tales from every nook and cranny of Mama Earth. And whether we’ve strutted our stuff in the Orient for a hot minute or not, we’re all tapped into this groovy collective consciousness. It’s like we’re all part of this big, cosmic web, getting all tingly with every universal twitch.

Now, hold onto your hats ’cause here comes the Dragon, strutting in like it owns the place. This ain’t your garden-variety fairy tale beast. This Dragon’s all about the glow-up, baby. It’s here to sprinkle a little of that renewal sparkle on everything it caresses, lighting up our lives with its fiery finesse.

This creature isn’t just some tall tale from days of yore; it’s the real deal, stirring up the pot of the collective psyche with its fire-breathing antics. Did dragons roam the earth, flexing their scaly biceps alongside the dinos? Or are they the original A-listers of Mythville, strutting the red carpet in our dreams? Let’s not get it twisted — “mere” myth is a myth itself. These creatures are as real in the realms of imagination as the Moon’s borrowed bling from the Sun.

Picture this: Dragons, the ultimate shape-shifters, flipping the script from villain to hero, from guardian of gold to the nightmare in someone’s fairy tale. They’re the yin to their own yang, a full spectrum from shadow to light, resonating with whatever vibes we’re throwing their way.

Keepers of Universe

In the West, dragons are the OG treasure keepers, clutching onto the Golden Fleece like it’s going out of style. Cut to the East, and these beasts are juggling roles — water-whisperers, earth-shakers, sky-dancers, mingling with the gods and spitting cosmic concoctions like soma, the celestial cocktail of immortality. High above, they’re the jet-setters of the ancient world, the emblem of emperors, the symbol of supreme cosmic balance that keeps the universe in check.

Now, let’s not overlook the dragon’s bad rep as the serpent’s kin, a narrative spun by the likes of Origen to symbolize the ultimate smackdown of evil. But that’s just one slice of the dragon pie. Flip the script to the East, and we’re talking about a being that’s not just about fire and brimstone but also the whisperer of waters, the harbinger of life, spewing the primordial soup of creation.

Enter the Kabbalistic scene, where the dragon is the cosmic enforcer, the Mars-ruled bouncer at the club of existence, ready to tear down the old and busted to make way for the new hotness. It’s the Tower card in a Tarot deck come to life, where lightning strikes and thunder rolls are the dragon’s way of saying, “Out with the old, in with the epic.”

So, the next time you hear a dragon’s tale, remember, it’s not just a story. It’s a vibe, a cosmic dance of destruction and creation, a symbol of the eternal cycle of renewal that keeps the universe grooving. Dragons, baby — they’re not just mythical; they’re metaphysical.

These mystical maestros aren’t just chilling in their aquatic cribs; they’re the original rainmakers, stirring up the skies with their thunderous applause. When dragons hit the scene, you know it’s about to rain prosperity, baby. They’re like the celestial DJs, dropping beats of thunder and flashes of lightning, kicking off the ultimate renewal rave on Earth.

Now, imagine this: as the dragon dances between earth and water, it’s whipping up that heavenly rain, the kind that wakes up the world, sprouting new life and greenery like it’s going out of style. It’s all about that springtime rebirth, that Eastern promise, and rocking the color green like it’s the new black. And hey, let’s give a shoutout to Jupiter, the big boss of fortune in the Tarot deck, who’s got the dragon on speed dial as one of the destiny drivers. Even when the dragon’s showing its Typhon side, throwing shade like an Egyptian baddie, it’s still flipping the script, turning our paths in ways we never saw coming.

And get this: when we’re talking cosmic connections, the dragon’s noggin and tail are playing tag with the moon’s dance floor, lighting up eclipses like they’re the main event. It’s like the dragon’s munching on the moon in Chinese blockbusters or wagging its dark side in Arabian nights, setting the stage for some epic celestial showdowns.

Diving deep into the psyche, most folks are blissfully unaware of their own shadowy sides, cruising through life on autopilot. But the real MVPs, the heroes among us, they get it. They lock eyes with their inner dragons, those dark, twisty bits, and instead of running for the hills, they whisper sweet nothings, drawing out strength from the very thing that scares them spitless. It’s like taming the beast to ride into battle, turning what could’ve been their downfall into their secret sauce.

Now, twist the kaleidoscope and bam! Some brainy folks reckon these dragons might just be extraterrestrial VIPs from the Draco constellation, stirring the pot with their otherworldly vibes. But here’s the kicker: the universe ain’t black and white, and neither are its inhabitants, no matter which corner of the cosmos they call home.

Fasten your seatbelts, kids, ’cause the Dragon Year is kicking off with all the subtlety of a cosmic rock concert. We’re talking internal quakes, external shakes, the whole shebang, signaling a mega shift that’s all about leveling up, shedding old skins, and stepping into the glow-up of the century. It’s not just change; it’s a full-on metamorphosis, the kind that has the universe sitting up and taking notes.

Dragon DNA Awakening

Enter the dragon, not just any mythic critter, but the embodiment of our wildest, most untamed creative mojo. Picture this: the kundalini energy, all coiled up and ready to rock, spiraling up the spine like it’s auditioning for a part in the DNA double helix saga. When this baby wakes up, it’s like the universe cranks the volume to eleven, blasting open the doors of perception and lighting up the consciousness with a fireworks display of enlightenment.

But here’s the real mind-bender: transcending doesn’t mean ditching the earthly digs. Nope, it’s more about embracing the dance, getting down and dirty with Mother Gaia, and creating something magical together. It’s not about ghosting the material world; it’s about grooving to its rhythm, understanding its moves, and stepping up the game.

So, when the Dragon in the cosmic tarot deck does its thing, spitting fire like it’s going out of style, remember, it’s not just about the heat; it’s about the light, the life, the connection. Every breath we take, every move we make, it’s all part of the grand cosmic boogie, a reminder that we’re all in this dance of life together, spinning and twirling on this gorgeous blue ball in space.

And that, my friends, is the dragon’s tale — a story of fire and light, shadow and strength, a cosmic call to arms that invites us to rise, to embrace the full spectrum of our being, and to dance with the universe in the endless, exhilarating whirl of existence.

In the realm of make-believe, dragon breath is all about wreaking havoc, torching castles, and sending knights into a tizzy. But plot twist: in our story, that fiery huff ’n’ puff is the ultimate truth serum, zapping away the smoke and mirrors, leaving nothing but the real deal.

Cue the grand entrance of the Water Dragon, splashing onto the scene with a vibe that’s all about leveling up. This isn’t just another chapter; it’s a whole new saga where the plot thickens, the heroes level up, and the wisdom? Oh, it gets deep, like bottom-of-the-ocean treasure chest deep. This dragon’s not just stirring the pot; it’s flipping the script on what it means to win, teaching us that the real gold is in growing, learning, and glowing up.

And get this: it’s not just a me, myself, and I kinda journey. This dragon wave is hitting the collective consciousness like a cosmic remix, dropping beats of enlightenment and shredding the old charts. We’re talking about a full-blown spiritual revolution, baby, where the light doesn’t just shine; it dazzles, turning the whole world into a dance floor of dazzling new vibes.

For those rocking the Dragon sign in the zodiac club, it’s your time to sparkle, to radiate that inner fire like you’re the main act at the universe’s hottest festival. It’s all about owning that glow, that aura that says, “I’ve been through the fire, danced in the rain, and here I am, shining brighter than ever.”

So, as we ride this Water Dragon wave, let’s remember: it’s not just about the heat; it’s about the light. It’s a call to arms (and hearts) to rise, shine, and co-create a world where the vibe is all about love, light, and a whole lot of magic. Let’s make this fairy tale one for the cosmic books, where dragons are the heroes, and we’re all in it to win it, together.

Igniting inner dragon

To awaken the Dragon within means to awaken the Brilliance of Consciousness & Power and align with the energy of the Dragon year. This means activating the part of your DNA that is strong, penetrating, and radiant.

Start like this:

  1. Set intentions and desires, answering yourself as precisely as possible to questions like “What do I want the Dragon’s energy to bring me, awaken in me, what do I want to achieve with it? Where do I need the Dragon’s strength? Where do I need the brilliance…?” and any others that come to mind.
  2. Light a candle. Ideally blue or purple, but orange or a regular white one will do.
  3. Relax with a few deep breaths in and out.
  4. Activate your DNA:
  • Sit or stand so that your feet touch the ground, and your spine is straight but relaxed. The “swallowed broomstick” posture is not recommended as the tension and effort put into forcing uprightness block the energy flow.
  • Then, pay attention to your body. Start from the feet up to the crown. Remember, energy follows attention. So begin to energetically nourish your body with attention. Breathe through your entire body with awareness and breath — start by breathing into your feet, then up through your calves, thighs, torso, chest, arms, neck, head… exhale to release tension: the goal is to breathe out any charge from the body so that the mind is calm enough to clearly receive and transmit (operate) with higher Energies/intelligences.
  • Then, focus on your crown and through it (physically, through the nose, but with awareness through the crown) inhale the silver energy of the sky, feeling it pass from the heavens, through the crown, down the spine, down the legs, and through the soles to the center of the earth.
  • Next, with the following breath, become aware of the golden energy from the depths of the earth’s heart and inhale it up, through the soles, up the spine, through the top of the head, and watch it end in the sky. Realize and feel how at this moment two energies are connecting within you, forming a double spiral. They permeate every atom of yours, and in each atom, a smaller copy of this double spiral forms. Feel how you are entirely permeated by it and how you “hang” on this endless gold-silver spiral. Feel how this double helix is, in fact, your DNA: anchor yourself in it. Meaning to breathe and feel (initially, you may visualize it, but later you’ll find there’s no need as you truly feel it) until you feel the spiral continuously permeating you.
  • When you feel that you are securely “hanging,” start to gently rotate clockwise around yourself, 12 times, feeling how with each circle the spiral multiplies — at the end, feel as though you are hanging not on two but on 24 intertwined coils.
  • Then calmly stand or sit, waiting for the energy of rotation to settle.
  • Light the candle and watch the flame… for some time… then inhale it and let it fill your entire body… as many times as needed until you feel full of flame, full of fire so much that you are the fire itself… And then with a loud exhale “HAAAAAAAA” expel/”belch” fire… into every scene of your life you wish to transform… those negative, unpleasant things you wish to surrender to the fire, simply let go and watch them melt in the light… renew and correct others.
  • Play and experiment. You have become a dragon and explore your power, casting flame on what needs it, cooking your reality, your life areas with fire… And now.. watch as a dragon flies towards you… shining emerald green, bearer of the emerald flame… if you are yin, it is yang or vice versa… you merge, like a Double helix… And become a light fire, a flame that activates every strand of your DNA.


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