• Pluto in Aquarius

    Into the Vortex: The Deep Atomic Shifts of Pluto in Aquarius

    Here we are: the revolution of society and collective mind. When we see with our own eyes that science fiction is actually science fact. When questions of the integration of artificial and organic intelligence, their fusion, are stirred. Because, fusion is when your personal creative mind collaborates with artificial intelligence. Okay, it’s not yet the stage where the program is implemented in you, like the earring they pinch on babies as soon as they are born, but we’re not far. Besides, it’s practical. And with that come questions of moral boundaries about it. What are the dangers? What are the advantages? Huge, both of them. No, this is not a…


    Programming Water

    One of the super magical things, but this magic is actually a beautiful poetic word. Magic and spells are, in essence, romantic words for science, just like aura is a romantic word for an electromagnetic field. Well, I see your electromagnetic field, it’s nothing special, but, hmm, seeing your aura, now that sounds interesting. But in principle, they are just constructs. When we activate our magic and spells, in fact, we are activating the practical part of the soul. Practices like Taoism, for example, which I like because it’s practical. On one hand, we have Hinduism, all those religions, and that’s already garbage from the start. But, in principle, when…

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