Love relationships Tarot

As human beings, the most incredible personal progress we accomplish is through love and love relationships. In the first place – when our heart opens, we are ready to dive into new levels of the other, consequently ourselves.

So it is essential to realize why you’re doing something in your love life – or not doing it. What is the cause in the unconscious that makes you choose relationship experiences? Whether something from past lives, whether an unhealed trauma or some sabotaging belief. And then, once the pattern is acknowledged, one can heal it if needed.

Loves me, or not? 

  • What can I do inside and out to achieve a fulfilling love relationship? To start a love affair?
  • What is my actual vibration for creating the right partnership?
  • What is the likely long-term perspective of my current relationship?
  • What is behind my choice of partners that cost me mental and physical resources?
  • How do I heal the mechanism by which I become a mother to a partner in a relationship?
  • What can I do to open myself to sexual pleasure and live the fullness of my sexual nature?
  • Do I have a blockage – from the unconscious, past lives, or ancestral curses – that causes me to fail in love, and how do I remove it?

These are just some of the questions for the Tarot. Of course, you can add your own, which you feel is crucial to yourself. Here we are, hugs!

If you want personalized insight into your relationships of love, the identities you manifest in that area, roles you play unconsciously, and the reasons for that – ask! Discover do your love patterns come from past lives or this incarnation and heal that material from the unconscious. We can also assess compatibility, probability, and prospects of some relationship – is it going to be a successful long-term partnership, or is it better for you to redirect your energy into something else.

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