Welcome to your creative oasis, a realm where the soul feasts on images, and what you gaze upon truly matters. Visuals, those tantalizing sparks, ignite the neural networks – the very branches of the Source. Choose wisely what captures your gaze. Here, you’ll glimpse the visuals I’ve conjured through a lifetime dance with Tarot cards – spanning across lifetimes, and specifically, a rich, 40-year journey in this incarnation as a reader, advisor, and writer.

Let these images and texts be your muse. Each deck here isn’t just a collection of cards; it’s a confidant waiting to converse with you. Easy to chat with, yet layered with depths of wisdom, each deck is a blend of my soul’s knowledge, esoteric sciences, and healing insights from traditional Chinese medicine and light technologies, all dressed up in chic fashion styling and a palette of colors that pop.

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