• "Blog post titled 'In Search of the Perfect 'Shoe': Love, Tarot, and the Dance of Destiny' written in Croatian. The post explores the analogy between finding the perfect romantic partner and the quest for the ideal shoe, blending humor, Tarot insights, and practical advice on love and relationships. It emphasizes the importance of inner clarity, emotional healing through Tarot, and making choices that nourish the soul, presented in a mystical and engaging narrative style.

    The Quest for the Perfect Fit

    Imagine embarking on a quest, not for just any ordinary thing, but for the perfect shoe. Picture it: stunning enough to steal the spotlight at the fanciest gala, yet so comfy it feels like floating on clouds. Sounds like a fantasy, right? But isn’t this the exact adventure we undertake in the maze of relationships? The Not-So-Perfect Pair: A Tale of Love and Regrets We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Falling for that almost-right pair, whispering to ourselves, “It’s just a wee pinch, it’ll stretch out.” But, spoiler alert: it doesn’t. Instead, we end up nursing blisters and a heap of regrets. Why do we do this to ourselves, be…


    Ego Meets Soul: Flirting with Infinite Possibilities

    Ah, the Ego! That notorious villain in countless spiritual escapades, often blamed for blocking the highway to human enlightenment. But let’s not rush to kick it out of the party just yet. Darling, you wouldn’t be you without it! See, we’re all made of the same cosmic cocktail — livers, kidneys, hearts, dreams, beliefs, and all that jazz. Yet, each of us is a unique blend, a personalized smoothie of these elements. It’s like we’re all sipping on life, but each of us has our very own secret recipe. That unique mix? That’s your Personality, baby, and in layman’s terms, it’s your Ego. Ah, the dance between Source and Form! Your…


    Life’s a Journey, Not a Destination: How to Hustle, Flow, and Glow Your Way Through Goals

    Alright, listen up, dream chasers and goal setters! You think having a goal is all about crossing some finish line like you’re in some kinda race? Nah-uh. Spoiler alert: the real juice, the real high-def, 4K, blow-your-mind experience is the crazy rollercoaster you ride to get there. We’re talking plot twists, detours, and the kinda life lessons that even your grandma can’t drop. See, a goal ain’t just a trophy you put on your mantle. Nope, it’s your rocket fuel, baby! It launches you off your comfy couch and into the game called Life. Sitting around is a no-go; that’s like being a human paperweight. Life is a dance floor,…

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