The Electric Rodeo: From Infatuation to Love

It’s ever so easy to mistake passion for love, but ah — there are telltale signs that unveil what kind of cosmic attraction you’re really feeling. Everyone, darling, has an energy, a vibration that’s like their own private radio station. We often say someone is — or isn’t — on our “frequency.” Basically, when we ‘click,’ it’s like two celestial bodies aligning in energetic harmony. Normally, it’s all about syncing through one of the main chakras. You know, tuning forks in the same emotional key, so they can “fix each other up” in this droll little melodrama called life.

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Psychology, that stuffy old maid, suggests that people connect based on mutual dysfunction. But let’s be more sultry and optimistic, shall we? True healing says something else: people come together to illuminate and heal those deep, psychological and energetic patterns that only come out to play when you let someone into your intimate garden of vulnerability. See, glands get activated by these chakras, which is why science lamely calls falling in love “chemistry.” How dreary!

But what we’re actually talking about is a seismic jolt of energy. When two souls collide, it ignites a chain reaction of chemicals, and then we wrap it up in cutesy words like “infatuation” and “passion.” But, ah, what a trap that is! Because, my dear, ‘infatuation’ is an illusion. What exists is ‘energetic recognition’ — so intense that it lights up your whole being and leads to states of enchantment. But love — oh, that’s the pièce de résistance! It’s far more than just an electrifying jolt. Sure, it might be the first step towards it, especially if we’re talking about a Divine Recognition of souls. But it’s not mandatory.

Physical or energetic recognition is but the overture. What follows is the emotional symphony, darling — conversations, emotional exchanges on all psychological levels. And then, well, you’ve got to integrate the Spiritual Connection, which translates to one thing only: Devotion, Unconditional Love. This is the sort of love a mother has for her child; it doesn’t waver whether the child is throwing tantrums or gallivanting across the globe. It’s not about fulfilling someone’s expectations or abiding by the rules of another’s projections. It’s pure freedom.

Easy to say, hard to do, like putting on eyeliner whilst on a moving bus. But, one of the aims of any relationship should be to train that freedom — the sort of love that isn’t measured in promises kept or expectations met.we’re diving into the rhapsody of love’s ever-twisting energies, aren’t we? Let’s sashay through this labyrinth with flair and pizzazz, shall we?

The Electric Phases of Love

First off, sweetheart, our minds brand every nuance in a relationship as ‘love’, a rather loose term if you ask me. It’s not wrong, but let’s say we’re missing some fine print, darling. We should really understand the phases this enigmatic force goes through — just like phases of the moon, except sexier.

Initially, it’s the Body Vibes, baby. Your chakras lock eyes across the room and suddenly, you’re inseparable, hooked like a two-for-one deal at a vintage store. Ah, the chemical reactions! It’s intoxicating, borderline addictive — a flirtation between ecstasy and necessity. Science says this honeymoon phase doesn’t last more than nine months, the buzzkills.

Then we saunter into the Soul Recognition phase. This is your karmic reality TV drama, love. Small conflicts arise — she’s begging for a rom-com, he’s gunning for an action flick. These differences aren’t just ego gimmicks; they’re the curriculum of Relationship University.

Ah, relationships — the most intensive life-workshop you didn’t sign up for. You’re mining through yourself, demolishing your ego with dynamite; no one in their right mind would willingly go through this. It’s not just a journey but a renovation, exposing not just the Instagrammable but the gruesome bits that have been swept under the rug — or buried in the basement of consciousness.

In this murky crucible, Pure Love eventually dawns — love in its filtered form. You’re connected despite the quirks and tantrums. But most couples get stuck here, frozen like a paused rom-com. Their love story slowly scrolls the end credits because they’re stuck in patterns and unspoken ultimatums. Love starts to feel as routine as household furniture, and like a poorly directed sequel, the entire affair spirals downwards, a box office flop in the theater of life.

So, love isn’t just about madly scribbling hearts in a diary or memorizing each other’s favorite pizza toppings. It’s also not a chain, nor is it a gilded cage — it’s freedom. Saying it’s easy; living it, my dear, is where the juicy, meaty, nitty-gritty part of the story really begins. How’s that for a meander through love’s kaleidoscopic tunnel…

Energetic Phases of Love: A Romantic Escapade

When it comes to love, it’s as multi-layered as your grandmother’s trifle. You see, most folks simply umbrella the term “love” over a myriad of emotional states. Cute, isn’t it? But smart ones, like you and I, know that love’s dynamism dances through multiple energetic shifts.

First off, you’ve got the Physical Awakening — where chakras entwine like school kids passing secret notes. Addictive, right? As if you’re imbibing the elixir of life. Science chimps in, “Oh, this lusty phase lasts no more than nine months.” Yawn!

Next, cue the dramatic entrance of the Soul Recognition phase. Karma, darling. Karma! A theater where little disagreements break out like an unexpected song in a musical. Oh, she wants a rom-com, he’s hankering for some action — petty, but vital for what I like to call the ‘University of Relationships.’

And ah, relationships! Those intense, kaleidoscopic workshops of comprehensive living. Mining your self like you’re digging for gold and turning your ego into the shiniest diamond! It’s here you realize that love brings out the saint and the sinner in you, not just swept under the rug but excavated from the deepest dungeons of your psyche.

Then, at dawn, love transcends into a more Refined Phase — love that’s been through a detox, connecting even when the honeymoon’s over. Alas, for many, it’s the final act. Love slowly tiptoes backward, burdened by stubborn expectations and repetitive patterns. The thrill is gone; they turn into furniture — comfortable, yet mundane.

The Key to Nirvana: Recognizing the Spirit

Dive into the Recognition of Spirit. That’s where you embrace your partner’s quirks, still finding them as dazzling as the first brush of sunlight. Imagine loving someone every moment as if it’s both your first and last? Ah, that’s devotion, pure and untamed.

Soul Passion vs. Bodily Lust

Ever wondered where passion fits into this ensemble? As love matures, so does the fervor — calmer, yet intenser. Soulful passion! It transcends mere bodily desires and channels into every facet of your life. When this spiritual vibration rises, even a casual chit-chat to hyper-orgasmic sex becomes a divine exchange.

In contrast, bodily lust is rather fleeting. Starts with a frantic “Must-have-you-now” and often ends in an existential emptiness. Sigh! Remember, passion isn’t just a feeling, it’s a state of mind, a vivid hue on your life’s canvas, while bodily lust? More like a sketch, craving a dash of color.

Energetic Hooks: The Invisible Chains

And then there’s the invisible leash that tethers you, connecting your energy centers and holding you back from moving on. They’re the lingering aches after a breakup, the very chains that keep you yoked to the past. And in love, the ultimate act is to let go. Because love, my dear, is freedom.


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