STARSEED TAROT: Your star race DNA

Our human DNA comprises 22 power forces – from 22 galactic races. Time has come for star seeds of Earth to awaken it. We all have a whole specter of powers from these races, as a vast and rich cocktail of all universe species. This is why we are royalty ones. So, it is time to activate your majesty by remembering who you are. Tapping into that starseed DNA powers that you hold in yourself.

Cosmic heritage

As humanoids, we all came from Lyra – that is the place where humanoids, as we know them today, took form. As you know, the Lyran wars devasted a system and made many of us inhabit other systems. In some people, Lyran DNA code is dominant – see my story about Feline people here – but any code from the race can be the main one: in others, due to many genetic mixtures. 

From personal experience, I know that my code is dominantly from so-called Lion people (Laan and Taal race blend), but besides that, I also remember my experience as a praying mantis (Akara race) and saw – through my Earth this lifetime father – bird people (Kur race from Xi Orionis) code.   

We all have it all in ourselves – all 22 key creation codes: 

  • Human races from: Vega/Lyran, Pleiades, Andromeda, Mizar and Alcor, Antares, Tau Cetu, Procyon, Hyades. 
  • Mixed from: human-feline from Sagittarius; human-reptilian from Arcturus, Aldebaran, Nibiru, and Orion; human-animal from Pictor, incestual-aquatic from Cassiopea; human-aquatic from Mintaka; human, aquatic, bird from Cygnus Alfa, reptilian-plant from Zeta Reticuli; human, reptilian, aquatic from Sirius;
  • Reptilian from: Ciakar, Capella, Canes Venatici.

And all life on Earth has it. That is why Earth, or Latin Terra and its inhabitants are so important. As our life here. 

Earth for Universe and Universe for Earth

Because, through all that genes, whole Universe is in Earth.

On Earth, we rebalance the universe because of the vastest emotional spectrum that our species have. Meaning: through purification of our emotion, wound healing, and all that – we can rebalance some old universal pains. For instance, you can spend your whole life feeling homesick, thinking that it is due to this past lifetime and karma. And probably you can remember some past lives on Earth that had that experience. But, in the core of it, for instance – it can be losing home from Lyran wars, like an initial soul imprint, let’s say so. That you brought here to heal in densest terms, to free the universe from it – forever.

Now we see how great humans and humankind – all starseeds actually – are.

So, which star origin flavor dominates in your DNA? Which star races are the base of your DNA star cocktail? What does it mean for you – in terms of your powers and knowledge that you have from it? And, what is the role of your soul – in the universe and in a current mission on Earth? Also, which star system is your homeland, in that you come from it? And at what star constellation is your star family if you have it, and what is your way to communicate with them – or recognize their voices and messages?

Those are questions worth pondering. Along with:

  • Your origin star race. It is your vital code, the core of your soul. What penetrates through all form-taking experiences (incarnations) on star systems across the universe and Earth. 
  • The first form and star system where you took it.
  • Main soul direction, purpose through incarnations – it develops, but it is more of an essence than its upgrades.
  • Key-value, a strength that you have from your star DNA code.
  • Universal role and appearance, dominant starseed energy. 
  • Your fuel and recovery mechanisms that you wear from your star code
  • Your guides and help channel from your star family.
  • Your dominant connecting base/pattern – important for liaisons with others
  • Your mastery and rich fullness from star code
  • Trauma to heal: balancing axis that you are purifying and uplifting. 
  • Learning through diversities – opponent energies that you are integrating through your universe and here on Earth 
  • Your cosmic karma and associated races, second influential gene code. 

I investigate them by combining remote viewing, Tarot, and astrology. In two variants:

TAROT DIVINATION: You choose or form your specific question, and I perform divination (Tarot and remote view combination) for you. Donation for one question is 15 dollars).

ASTRO DIVINATION: I do your star natal chart that answers all of these 12 questions: 100 dollars donation).

When we arrange questions, you donate through PayPal, send me your date of birth and choice – do you want your insights in the form of a written text or audio story. Then patiently wait for it, from 7 to 15 days, depending on a number of questions.

You can write me at [email protected]

Here are the examples of a Tarot reading with one question:

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