Shine in: Out of Shadows

In the mystic realms of Japan, there’s this epic tale about Amaterasu, the sun goddess, who’s like the celestial diva of light. Picture this: she’s chilling in her solar groove when her bro, Susanoo, kinda loses his marbles. This dude, god of storms and whatnot, goes full-on berserk mode, trashing rice fields and giving everyone major grief. His ultimate party foul? Tossing a dead horse into Amaterasu’s sacred weaving sesh. Talk about a mood killer, right?

So, Amaterasu, in a fit of the blues mixed with a dash of ‘I’m so done with this’, decides to ghost the world. She ducks into this cave, slams a cosmic rock in the doorway, and bam! The world’s plunged into this dramatic, chilly blackout. Kinda like when your Wi-Fi dies mid-binge-watch.

The god squad is freaking out, ’cause, hello, eternal night? They brainstorm like a divine think tank, trying to cook up a plan to bring back their sunshine girl. Enter Ame-no-Uzume, the goddess with moves like Jagger. She busts out this wild dance in front of the cave, turning a divine frown upside down. It’s like a cosmic rave, and everyone’s invited.

Amaterasu, peeking out like ‘What’s all the fuss about?’, gets a glimpse of herself in this mirror the gods had sneakily placed. ‘Is that another sun?’ she wonders, ’cause she’s all about that shiny stuff. Intrigued and a tad flattered, she steps out, and voilà, the world’s bathed in her golden glow again.

This isn’t just a story, it’s like a metaphor for those ‘finding your light’ kinda moments. Amaterasu’s cave sesh? It’s like those times we dig deep, face our shadows, and emerge all the brighter. And that mirror trick? That’s us, seeing our true badass selves and going, ‘Yeah, I still got it.’

So next time you’re feeling a bit ‘cavey’ or ‘Susanoo-ish’, remember Amaterasu. Dance out your troubles, find your light, and maybe, just maybe, give the world a little more shine. Because, darling, we all have a bit of that sun goddess flair in us, don’t we?

Picture Amaterasu, not just any sun goddess, but the archetype of solar swag and enlightenment. When she takes a timeout in her cave, it’s not just a chill session. It’s like the universe hitting pause on the ‘consciousness and clarity’ playlist, plunging the world into a sort of cosmic brain fog. Think of it as those days when you’re so over everything, you just want to curl up and vanish. That’s Amaterasu’s cave moment – a symbol of our own inward journeys, facing the not-so-sparkly parts of our soul or when life’s GPS loses its signal.

Now, let’s talk about her bro, Susanoo. This guy is the personification of ‘chaotic energy’. He’s all about stirring up a storm, literally and figuratively. His wild antics causing Amaterasu to ghost everyone symbolize those inner clashes and dark vibes we all wrestle with. It’s like that part of you that sometimes goes off-script, creating a mini-drama or a full-blown soap opera in your life.

The cave, oh, that’s deep – literally! It’s the ultimate hideaway, the inner sanctum of soul-searching and transformation. When Amaterasu ducks into her cave, it’s not just about her catching some ‘me time’. It’s a metaphor for those moments of self-reflection, working through the tangled wires of our inner selves, and coming out for a fresh start.

Enter Ame-no-Uzume, the life of the party, with moves to make even the stars dance. Her jig in front of the cave isn’t just a performance; it’s a revival – a reminder that joy and laughter are powerful enough to light up the darkest caves of our minds.

And the mirror? That’s not just for checking out your reflection. It’s a deep dive into self-awareness, facing the truth head-on. When Amaterasu peeps her reflection and thinks, ‘Is that another sun out there?’ it’s like us realizing our own light and potential, sometimes hidden but always there.

So, what’s the takeaway from this celestial drama? It’s about embracing those cave moments, dancing through the chaos, and finding our light. It’s about recognizing that sometimes, a little self-reflection can reveal the brightest sun within us. Shine on, you crazy diamond!

Pause for a moment and feel everything that annoys you in the world. Everything that makes you think that this is a “bad time,” “bad people,” everything is wrong. All the worst.

Feel how you want to run away from that. And run away – into some darkness: a dark room, for example.

Curl up in the fetal position and think about all the fears and horrors of the world that are destroying your shine.

Then straighten your body, lie on your back and feel part by part of the body where these horrors and fears are vibrating.

Return your consciousness to the Sun and something that is bright and valuable to you in this world and life, whatever it is – the world. What causes a smile. Feel where in the body that happiness vibrates.

Again pay attention to the Sun, inhale the glow through the crown and bring the sun rays to the place of happiness, to fill it even more, to overflow with light, to radiation.

When you feel that inner Sun strong and full, with each new exhalation lead a ray of light from it to the points in the body that pulsated with misery because of the horrors of the world. Do it point by point, until you do them all.

Whenever you need more light, for distribution to the points, return your attention to the Sun of the galaxy and inhale the light of it through the crown chakra, then bring it to your inner Sun, or the point of light: thus you fill that point of light from which you further distribute light to other points.

When you feel that all are shining, stretch, get up and shake your body in the dance of movement. You are ready to come out of the cave of darkness. Come out, look at yourself in the mirror and say I am Light, I am Shine.


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