Programming Water

One of the super magical things, but this magic is actually a beautiful poetic word. Magic and spells are, in essence, romantic words for science, just like aura is a romantic word for an electromagnetic field. Well, I see your electromagnetic field, it’s nothing special, but, hmm, seeing your aura, now that sounds interesting. But in principle, they are just constructs. When we activate our magic and spells, in fact, we are activating the practical part of the soul.

Practices like Taoism, for example, which I like because it’s practical. On one hand, we have Hinduism, all those religions, and that’s already garbage from the start. But, in principle, when we talk about the philosophy of these teachings, there are some stories that are beautiful. But the Chinese have always been in tradition, that’s the dragon code, which looks at benefit, which is not inherently bad or good, of course, but it’s interesting here because the whole Taoist philosophy is focused on, okay, the spirit is in the body, but how do we keep it strong? How do we make this practical? That’s actually what magic is, how to apply the soul and its effects through physicality.

Free will

Of course, bearing in mind that we are whole beings, meaning we are an extension of the divine, but in a medium that is physical, and therefore limited, so we are not absolute, everything is free will. Well, I mean, yes, but they say we have 50-50 given circumstances, 50% influence. But the fact is that with this influence, we can change the given circumstances. And that’s our whole story about, actually, the essence of stories about magic, spells, or working with energies and awareness of energies.

By being all magical, it means actively applying through play and so-called trifles some energetic postulates to show ourselves the practical power of changing reality. In this context, I had to lead us into the story a bit, because, you see, we haven’t talked in a long time, but actually, I want to share one of the simplest and most beloved magics on this topic, and that is programming water.

It often happens in readings, I see it a lot in family and partnership readings, when people have permission, people ask how to influence their child, in the sense, the child enters a phase, like, rebellious teenagers, you can’t reason with them, you can somewhat manipulate through other close family members, but fundamentally how to influence the child.

Good Mood for Food

Now, there are often cups in the cards. And we know, cups are glasses, cups are bowls. And now, what’s interesting? Two things. First, I learned this in macrobiotics, it’s really true. In macrobiotics, it is said that, again, of course, practical Japanese, Chinese, that part of the world and culture, they say that the house is ruled by the one who cooks. Why? Because the one who cooks feeds everyone, and by the act of cooking, with their presence in the food, they introduce their energy.

I mean, you know this by, for example, in a restaurant, if you always eat there, and then the chef changes, you order the same dish, but it’s not the same. Or you notice, ah, the chef wasn’t in a good mood that day. Because we, in fact, with all our love or nervousness, influence everything. But food the most, because we come into contact with it, as water, basically a water bag with bones, resonates with the food, which is also water, and there the strongest connection happens.

And now we come to the second thing, and that is Masaru Emoto, a legend, scientist, genius, who actually researched how thoughts and emotions affect water. Very concretely, his research can be, he has, of course, published it in a book, but photographs, whoever hasn’t seen them, should Google Masaru Emoto, because it’s something fascinating. So, he did experiments where in water, on the water’s surface, in bowls with water, someone said I love you, someone said I hate you, someone played Mozart, someone played hard rock metal, and so, I mean, the research is layered, and he observed how crystals formed. After a month, I think it was a month of rock, doesn’t matter, he photographed these crystals, and those are the pictures you can find on the internet and in the book. And you see how the crystals, i.e., water, which was exposed to positive vibration, meaning, hertz in love, in the sense, affirmations like I love you, music that has harmony, they are perfectly beautiful, meaning they are regular.

Crystals of Joy

There is balance, there is structure, all of course different. So, they are beautiful, the crystals of joy, and crystals of love, but they are different forms. And on the other hand, you see crystals to which they said you are worthless, you are wrong, how can you be so stupid, and such things, and bad music, i.e., aggression. And you see how they are, first, they are not symmetrical, they don’t have harmony, they don’t have beauty, and they are damaged. So, powerful, and we are water, and the food we cook consists of water, vegetables are water. And water is water, every liquid has this property, these fluids, to be able to receive.

And that’s why I realized very early on, when Tarot rushes with cups, that people get their kind of permission to influence more than usual on family members. I mean, we influence family members anyway by cooking, but this is more conscious.

So today I will share this very simple technique of programming water. We use the main tools, which are breath and palms. I’ll repeat why. With breath, we guide energy, in the sense, I now want to breathe in green light into that picture. I pay attention to green light or any light. When I say pay attention, you can usually pay attention to anywhere around you. For example, if you have green pants, that’s already that green frequency, because the frequency is there. I pay attention to the source, because the source light is actually white, but from it, for example, you can see when a rainbow phenomenon occurs, various colors are seen. So, to me, the natural energy is up there. Therefore, I pay attention to the sun.

Sun for Power

That’s why often in exercises, we say pay attention to the sun, because it’s our visible connection with the source of light, and we know what a rainbow looks like. And then it’s very easy to perform. But you pay attention to the frequency and then with breath, you direct it like a laser to the place where you want to direct it. That’s how you do it daily, on the go. Now, how do we conduct it in the body? We conduct it with hands because the body is physical and some things are easier to imprint physically. So, from some place in the house, for example, you can remove dust by blowing. But somewhere you need a vacuum cleaner. In that sense, hands are, of course, denser physically than breath itself. And then when you want to imprint energy somewhere, you use the palms.

Why the palms? Because in the center of the palms, when you clench your fist, and then where your middle finger sits, there is a point that in traditional Chinese medicine is called Pericardium 6. Because it’s a point on the pericardium meridian or pericardium, the heart sac, through which the energy of the heart sac, or the energy of the heart or the energy of fire is conducted. Because the heart in that system represents the energy of fire. This is also the reason why all saints, when they are depicted with halos, and gold comes out of their hands, it’s essentially an energetic image of every person, light really comes out of our hands, because that Pericardium 6 is one of the strongest chakras on the palm. We want to program, for example, a glass of water.

I’ll give an example of how it’s done for oneself and then how it’s applied to someone else. We have a glass and let’s say we want to program ourselves for a happy love relationship. That was the theme of the new moon, so I will conduct the story on that example. We said, we breathe in how we want to feel, embraced, loved. We don’t imagine the other person, because we can’t influence others, but we can influence ourselves to be perfect partners for our highest good.

You Know

Close our eyes and relax with as many breaths and exhales until we are really relaxed. So, if your hip tightens at some moment, you breathe there. The idea is to go from the energy of relaxation, because it’s the energy of play and when you are relaxed, energy flows faster. If it tightens somewhere, it always stutters, falls, etc. You imagine yourself in your mind, in living joy, in ecstasy, emotional, erotic, whatever that image of you in a happy relationship means to you. It can be visual for those who have more developed visual perception, so people see the image. But don’t worry if, for example, you’re not that type, you don’t see.

People ask me like, but what if I don’t see? It doesn’t matter, you have a feeling. You can experience a feeling. You can see lines, you can see shapes. You may not see anything, but a feeling. You know exactly when you are in some emotional state. You can hear, several dominantly hear, I hear some chords, harmony. Each of us perceives the invisible world according to our own extra-sensory perception. It’s called extra-sensory, but in fact, they are superior senses with one being dominant. There’s always a combination, but one is predominant. You experience yourself visually, auditorily, kinesthetically, olfactorily, whatever suits you, in the state you desire.

So, you’re on target. You breathe in this image, usually through the third eye, usually it’s an image around the head, because the third eye is vision, right there, or it can come through the throat as knowledge. So, usually it’s in front of your face, but it’s okay if it’s above, left, right. You breathe in this image, wherever it means to you, through the nose, with consciousness, into the heart. And you store it in the heart, so that you sit down, feel that it has settled there. And then when you feel that it has settled stably, the image in the heart, you exhale it through the palms that are above the glass in which there is water.

You are a Crystal

The same is done with crystals. Remember the exercise about programming crystals? Crystals are programmed in the same way. Actually, we program crystals because crystals are parts of water particles. So, our palms are above the water and we imprint the image into it. Every time, inhale, heart, and exhale over the palms, water. How many times? As long as you don’t feel the click. You feel that the thing has settled. We can precisely feel that it is. That’s why it’s important to be calm, to recognize when it is. If we’re fidgety, then like, am I, am I, am I.

You know, you’re never sure whether you are, or whether you have eaten. So, give yourself time for that. And when you program it, you can drink or you can place next to it what I suggested, a card with two hearts or some picture. Depends on which you can put to stand until the full moon. How it fits. Because when doing some more permanent magic, they are usually placed to stand until the full moon and then are drunk on the full moon. But when doing some quick ones, for example, you take a pancake and now you know that there is Nutella inside. You have organic jam, but inside is Nutella. And now I already feel, a little guilty conscience, but I know it’s sugar. Then you quickly do the pancake, the same inhale-exhale and white light, the sugar alkalizes, my blood is healthy. And then, of course, you won’t wait for the full moon, you’ll eat it right away. So, you assess what stands, and what you do immediately.

Because, in that example, how to influence, say, a rebellious teenager or a family member, there is no other way, but you have permission to energetically support them, actually we not only have permission, there’s always a moral dilemma about energetic influence on others, when we have the moral right and when we don’t. I talked to a great guy, he deals with exorcism and cleansing of entities. My dilemma was, I lived then in a relationship in a circle of people, all wonderful, but I saw everyone, you know, this alcoholic then has entities, she over there is wonderful, doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, but constantly needs to eat something. And this one over there smokes weed.

Entities Removal

So, all entities, as soon as I remove them, someone has something again. And I talk with Peter, Peter Michael his name is, he’s really great, like if anyone and when someone needs to remove entities and troubles, he’s definitely the man to call. I say, Peter, I’m not doing something quite right, because as soon as I remove it, it comes back, you know, and whether it might be a sign, because he has more experience and has been doing only this his whole life, 30 years only this. I say, you have, maybe I’m doing something wrong, maybe I don’t have the moral right, and it was confusing to me, because my guidance always told me, do it, do it. And I say, no, no, you have the moral right. And here he tells me the key thing, you have a moral duty, because it’s your life, it’s your environment. And if it’s your task to iron from morning till night, just then you ask yourself what you’re doing in that environment.

Of course, I left that environment not seven days after that, but the point was that I realized, yes, that’s why my work tells me, do it, do it, clean, clean, because we have a duty to ourselves, so to ourselves, to our children, to our loved ones, and if they are in a moment unable to help themselves, and we are in the same environment and under the same roof, we almost, and we are aware, and they are not, have a duty to keep things clean. I know it sounds unusual. Of course, not to influence their will, always establish contact with the soul, but the soul usually says it wants cleanliness, it wants peace, it wants good, and we have the right, I say, we do this anyway when cooking, or doing things for the family, but we also have a duty to influence.

I told this story so there wouldn’t be a guilty conscience, in the sense, I don’t know, your husband is in depression, and you program, for example, that he drinks Coca Cola, you program Coca Cola, oh, I messed something up, no, no, it’s okay, I mean, these are times when we’re like hackers and called to help as much as we can those who don’t get it, or never will. We chose in our life not to, and it’s not some drama.

Just program It: Code Cracking

Anyway, as we program for ourselves, we program for another family member, but not like, aha, he doesn’t study, for example, a son, let’s say, and a daughter in puberty are and now they would just, I don’t know, do makeup left-right, wouldn’t really study. The image of peace and then from that peace comes learning. Can also be an image of studying. So, as for others, we work with images. Usually, we can imagine an image of someone close studying. If we can’t, we imagine our feelings of joy watching someone study. So, whatever is closer to us and we imprint that into the soup that we put on the table at that moment. There, that’s it. A simple exercise. We can do it in liquids and in solids because we’re actually changing the field.

By changing the field, we change the information. So, suddenly that, for example, Nutella, no longer carries the information of chemical processing, factory, who knows what they put in there, whatever it was, I transform it with breath and memory. Another information. That’s the story, it’s not about smoking, but how someone smokes, whether someone smokes with guilt and contradiction or smokes. I know people who smoke and smoke Turkish cigarettes and just don’t care because they know they’re okay. So, things are energetic information that we write by consuming.


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