Be Fabulous: Ignite Your Fire & Mission

The conjunction between Ceres and the North Node in Aries is straight-up cosmic sorcery. Think of it as a rendezvous between Mother Nature and your life mission. Ceres? She’s like your astral momma, rolling out themes of nurturing, nutrition, and that warm, fuzzy feeling when you know someone’s got your back. And the North Node? Ah, that’s your personal GPS shouting, “This way, hot stuff, this way!”

Now, dunk all that goodness into Aries. Imagine Aries as that friend who never quits, always the first to boogie on the dance floor and, in anything requiring leadership and enthusiasm, the first to raise their hand.

Picture it as divine fire guiding you on how to care for yourself and others as you blaze toward your ultimate destiny. It’s like saying, “Hey, carry out your mission with this Aries mojo; be a protector, a leader, or an agent of change, and do it as if your mom packed your lunch for school.” Emotional backup? You betcha.

So, live your truth and look out for you and yours as if it’s your personal quest. ’Cause it is, darling.

Same day? Venus goes direct in Leo. Venus, planet of love, art, and beauty. Leo, the drama queen, full of creativity and, naturally, self-love 😉 And Love Thyself, of course. When Venus goes direct, picture it as the DJ dropping your jam and you can’t hold back anymore. Time to rule the dance floor. All those love and art projects that were in limbo while Venus was playing hard to get in retrograde? Now, it’s time for them to break it down like Beyoncé on stage.

At 12 degrees Leo, this Venusian vibe gets plush, showy, and wants all eyes on her. You’ll feel your confidence skyrocket, especially in love and artistic pursuits. It’s like an astrological highlighter for your romantic life and creativity.

Heart? Expect it to be warm and loud. You might suddenly feel like every day is Valentine’s Day, only this time you’re the one writing the love songs. Experimenting with your wardrobe, hairstyles, or anything that makes you feel fabulous? Totally legit.

Now, careful. Leo loves the spotlight and Venus can be a little… dramatic here. So enjoy your time under the disco lights, but remember, other stars in the sky want to shine too.

In matters of love and relationships, expect some movie-worthy moments. For singles, this is like the red carpet to romantic adventures; for those taken, time for some extra spice. Maybe a candle-lit dinner or an artsy workshop for two?

All in all, life’s getting sweeter, the lights are getting brighter, and you’re the star of your own show. So, enjoy, Starshine!

Juicy Queries for Your Soul’s Midnight Snack: Teasing, Pleasing, and Oh-So Scheming Thought Bites for the Sexy Overthinker in You

Let’s get introspective in a sassy, sultry kinda way:

  1. Alignment with Purpose: How connected do you feel to your overarching life goals? Think of it as having a life coach or mentor guiding you. How in tune are you with your “life mission”? Have you ever considered that the universe, or Ceres, or even your astral momma might be sending you signals?
  2. Personal Drive: Are you naturally ambitious, always the first to take initiative? Or are you more of a ponderer before making decisions?Do you resonate with Aries’ fire? Are you the protector, leader, or change-maker in your circle? Or perhaps you’re more of the “wait, I haven’t chosen my lunch yet” type?
  3. Support Network: How strong is your emotional safety net? Are you clear about the path you’re on, or could you use some more guidance?How much emotional backup do you really have? Is your cosmic GPS shouting directions loud and clear, or do you need to update your astral software?
  4. Authenticity: Are you living your most authentic life, or are you fulfilling someone else’s expectations? Are you living your truth or someone else’s fantasy? Time for a gut check, darling.
  5. Confidence and Charisma: Are you ready to take the stage in life, or are you more comfortable behind the scenes? Venus in Leo — how does that make you feel? Ready to take center stage or would you rather chill backstage with a mocktail?
  6. Project and Relationship Momentum: Have any pending personal or professional projects? Now might be the perfect time to act. In what areas do you need to “go direct”? Got any passion projects or relationships hanging in the balance, waiting for that retrograde to end?
  7. Self-Care and Presentation: Are you taking care of yourself in a way that makes you feel like a diva? Feeling fabulous lately? If not, what would it take for you to feel like the star of your own show?
  8. Sharing the Spotlight: Are you good at letting others shine too, or is it all about you? Are you generous with sharing the spotlight? Or do you sometimes forget that there are other celestial bodies longing for a little glimmer too?
  9. Life Palette: If your life was a work of art, what would it look like? Vibrant and bold, or calm and subdued? How would you paint your life if it were a canvas? Dramatic reds and golds of Leo or the calming greens and earth tones of Ceres?
  10. Romance and Adventure: Are you creating the love life you want? Are you setting the scene for passion and connection? When it comes to love, are you rolling out the red carpet for yourself? Or are you more of a ‘Netflix and ponder life’s mysteries’ kind of lover?


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