Divine Gaze: Co-Creating Reality with Conscious Observation

Peeking behind the curtain of that much-repeated notion – “God created man in his own image” – might seem like a pretentious gamble. But hey, without a dash of ambition, there’s no masterpiece, right?

So, this famous thought, skeptics toss it out faster than last season’s fashion. Their chorus sings about human frailty. Humans, they say, are chained to this mortal coil, clueless about tomorrow, let alone if there’s even a tomorrow waiting for them. Can’t dodge a hurricane, can’t outrun sickness, can’t sidestep loss. Basically, fate’s got them on a short leash… vulnerable, fragile… the list goes on, contrasting what humans can’t do with what God supposedly can.

But hold on, the script’s flipping in today’s time. People are tuning into the insights of ancient Vedic sages or Taoist wizards, hailing from at least 7000 years before our calendars started counting. Insights about Eternity that talk about the human as divine, because nestled within them – despite the body’s dance with aging and fading away (though Taoists cracked the code on extending the “physical shelf-life” ages ago) – is the seed of the Never-Ending: in a word, Consciousness.

Tomes upon tomes have been penned about this Eternal Consciousness – omnipresent, all-pervading, immortal. Loads of modern research back up the whole life-after-death gig… And even marketing gurus have cashed in, flooding the market with courses, workshops, seminars… all about waking up that Consciousness, through meditation, yoga, brainwave stuff, energy body workouts… But then, we’re left gaping – what now with all this jazz?

Here’s the kicker: it’s all about Awakening Consciousness. Sure, even that phrase has been played out, but what can you do – the crux is indeed Awakening. Or, self-realization: that state where you clearly See/witness that you are not your feelings, not your thoughts, not your senses, but the One who watches, who Sees. And thus, influences them. We’ve all heard about that quantum physics nugget, right? About particles that can’t be pinned down as existing or not, but, physics says, show a tendency to exist. When observed, they pop into existence.

Observation, then, breathes life into them. And since observing is an act of Consciousness, and Consciousness is Divine, we can groove to the idea that every conscious observation is a Divine act. And bam, we’re inching closer to the claim that Man is divine – which basically means that Man, by consciously observing Himself and His life, becomes a God-Man. Because conscious observation is an act of creation. Or, destruction. But destruction in the way Shiva (the transforming aspect of divine energy) does when he opens his third eye: legend has it, he meditates for millennia, but when that eye opens, everything turns to ash.

The metaphor’s crystal: meditation (turning to the inner Light, the Self, the Essence) leads to Awakening, and Opening the Eye is like flipping on the Light that obliterates Darkness to, in its place, Create new life. So, by Observing, Man Creates.

Here’s a smooth blend of physics and spiritual laws for ya: ENERGY FOLLOWS ATTENTION. Plants bloom like they’re on steroids when you gaze at them, serenade them with sweet tunes, and chat them up. Problems? They pile up like a bad sitcom plot the more you fret over them (and I’m talking fretting, not “constructively tackling” – big diff). Brood over your grumps and watch them grow like they’re on some bad mood fertilizer.

The examples are endless on how Observation is the primo magic trick of Creation – hence the hype around Visualization. Feed that desired image with laser-focused thought and pure emotion, from the right state of consciousness, and voila: you’ve got results.


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