Divine Femme: Riding Cosmic Waves and Shattering Cosmic Cages

Imagine you’re surfing on cosmic waves, shedding off those stale mindsets that just don’t cut it anymore. Ladies and mystical beings, it’s like Spring Cleaning for your soul!

You’ve got a Goddess vibin’ inside you — yeah, I’m talking about that creative and curative powerhouse! Feminine forms? They’re basically the VIP lounge for the divine, what with that whole life-creating gig.

Good or bad, bitter or sweet, we all picked our human journey, like picking a flavor of ice cream but a lot less chill. Some souls even opted for the “dark chocolate with a side of despair” experience. But guess what? The universe is vibing high now, and it’s time to switch to “rainbow sprinkle” mode. Our tools? Affirmations, baby!

Look, the world’s been feeding women this story: “You need fixing.” Makeup brands, high heels, hair dye. It’s like a never-ending, shame-filled shopping list. But here’s your reality check: you’re already a 10/10, no add-ons needed. Embrace life, and stop letting society’s toxic norms hold you back.

Some of us got burned for being, you know, emotionally complex. As if being sensitive is a crime! Newsflash: those emotions are your VIP ticket to the divine. Your body? Celebrate it. Don’t let past traumas dictate your vibe.

It’s about taking and giving in perfect harmony. Ladies, our natural state is receptive. So, stop being a self-sabotaging Santa Claus, giving away everything and taking nada. Own your worth.

No need for guilt trips, by the way. Even a so-called bad choice beats staying stuck in limbo. Every moment in life is this priceless gem, so stop and smell the roses, or the coffee, or whatever tickles your fancy.

Sexuality? Don’t let it be a Pandora’s box of anxieties. Embrace it, love it, let it free you. As for the doom and gloom in the media? Cut it out. Don’t feed your mind junk food and then wonder why it’s sick. Choose thoughts like you choose a playlist — for maximum danceability.

So, get out there. Dance, play, go wild. Life’s too short to be anything but gloriously, radiantly, cheekily you.


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