WANDS: Effective career

Let your wands be healthy and strong! You create with them – cooker, brush, pencil, conductor’s staff – tools by which one operates. Directs its ideas, passion, and energy into something extraordinary. So, to make it efficient, know your wands and play with them creatively.

Esoteric: Our actions, actions … Sexual and creative energy … Reproductive instinct: fertility, desire, passion … Imagination … Conscious and unconscious production … The art of creation, innovation, invention … Vital enthusiasm, power, healing power, instinct … Vital strength, growth, development, vocation … overcoming obstacles with creativity … Birth of the new, creative impulse, endurance, energy, desire to progress and dominate. The same with complications, weights, fights … Everything related to games, recreation, competition … The element of fire. In the body, the level of the pelvis where the genitals are.

Exoteric ♧ = Air, autumn, West … the idea needs to be fertilized … trees grow in the air … tall trees are transformed into walking sticks at arm’s length … we exercise with them (muscular system) … we build fences, houses, furniture WORK, career

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