SWORDS: Winning thinking

Do you know how to set your limits? Defend them? Cut to the point when needed? Pierce precisely to the core of things?

Esoteric: Being … Intellectual energy, language, words, thoughts, concepts, ideas, intellectual activity… Transmission of ideas through culture, society, myths, and religions… Received beliefs and judgments, mental work, meditation… Language as a weapon or prayer. The element of air, the body of the head.

Exoteric ♤ = winter, earth (because the army dug the soil with swords), North. The idea is to die to make room for a new one. Blades are forged for protection and conquest. A man stabbed with a sword is buried into the ground, so only bones remain (therefore, skeletal system). We fight, attack, or defend ourselves with knives, hence the immune system. We can hurt others or ourselves. Ideas and thoughts, the art of focusing, decision making. We separate with them (“sharp mind” ), we choose one option which cuts off the others. Sharpness and determination, calculation and readiness to fight, coldness and cruelty.

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