PENTACLES: Creating abundance

A diamond mind has an idea and knows how to enrich itself with it in physical reality. Fertilize it so that it brings abundance to him and the generations behind him. It knows how to create value, recognize it. Exchange for enlarged. And so procreate further.

Esoteric: Material energy, body, health, physical appearance. A place where man lives, territory, house. Food and clothes. Profession, economic life, wealth, property, money. Someone’s status in the world, social connections. Stations, atoms, our building blocks, planet Earth, element earth, body, grounding. Stability, practical thinking, preferring concrete and tangible ways, maintaining what already exists.

Exoteric ◇: Spring and fire, East, a fresh idea is a “hot” idea. Coins are minted and honed for exchange and culture. We hold them in our hands – they mark work with the head and represent the nervous system.

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