CUPS: Love flow

It is wise to choose with whom you will drink and eat and from whom you will flee because its fluids are poisonous. To feel it, to believe in feeling, and to live – cups teach us.

Esoteric: Loving … emotional energy and feelings, hearts, love, attachments, friendships … Talents, forgiveness, generosity, worship …. opening the heart, joy, faith, mysticism …. Water as an element, the heart in the body.

Exoteric ♡ = summer and water, South … creativity because the idea tastes good only when it flows and divides … hearts are in the body and allow blood to circulate, circulatory system … with the heart we respond and live … we take a glass. We make a toast, so the emotions become more intense or moving, or inspirations, rages, tears of joy or sadness … sex … gathering, crying or dancing together, parties …
Relationships, mystical relationships of devotion… They can be filled with Water as a life-supporting flow, with wine – joy, drunkenness, illusions … poison (negative feelings, hatred), or empty (dryness, emotional blockage) … They are romantic, nostalgic, suggest things beyond tangible reality.

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