You, the Eagle

You carry the entire creation within you: inscriptions about all your shapes and existences in all planets, dimensions, and densities can be found in your vast library of DNA. The bird-like form is among the patterns that everyone wears – to varying degrees, some more, some less. That’s why some people are infatuated with birds; they admire them and can’t pass near a birdcage without whistling and talking to it. Some people are terrified. It all depends on personal experiences, energy interactions in one of your individual’s dimensions, and some aspect of your being.

But the point is that the avian-like part of us – the bird within us – is one of the threads of our weaving. That is why it is beneficial to become aware of it, embrace its benefits, and bring those vibratory and energetic patterns into reality.

We are mainly supported to do this in the next four days when the Sun is in conjunction with Altair’s eagle star.

We know about the eagle…

The eagle conveys powerful messages, and symbolism in all civilizations says its central message is the announcement of enlightenment when it appears in dreams, or you often see it at some stage. He rises above the clouds and stares at the Sun. It is simultaneously a celestial and solar symbol, merging both forms. He is the king of birds, and he crowns the symbolism of all birds, which is that of angels and higher spiritual beings.

In antiquity, he is the bird of Zeus, and he even identifies with him – although there is a horrifying aspect of it, in a story where Zeus took the form of an eagle to win the handsome young man Ganymede and carried him to heaven to be a lover of the gods. It is a sign of negative sexual programming: abduction for the sexual gratification of “gods,” superiors. So, by awakening our eagle aspect, we can also heal those forms in the aura associated with the ill programming of a false matrix on the subject of sex: that man is there to please the gods (the rape agenda of negative ETs programmed into human patterns).

The identification of the eagle with the Sun, the Source and radiation of light, is essential in the North American Indians who, wearing feathers, identify with it. The same is true of the Aztecs and Japan: the kami, whose eagle is the messenger, is the Eagle of the Heavenly Sun. In Greece, it was believed that the eagles, which set out from the ends of the Earth, stood on top of the omphalos in Delphi and followed the Sun’s path from dawn to dusk.

The eagle staring at the Sun represents the immediate perception of rational light. It is, therefore, a symbol of contemplation, and in connection with this is the attribution of the eagle to St. John and his Gospel. The eagle’s symbolism can also take on a sinister aspect: in the sense of a cruel predator and kidnapper, like the one with Zeus.

The second solar aspect, the mythical bird Garuda’s figure, was initially an eagle. Vishnu rides Garuda, who embodies strength, courage, penetration, and sharpness. In America and Siberia, and throughout the shamanic world, the eagle points to uranium power: according to its magical kinship, it serves shamans to fly through space.

It is also a protector bird: from the top of the branches of the cosmic tree, it guards. The North American Paviotso Indians serve as a magical way of healing: a stick with an eagle feather at the upper end, obtained by a shaman, is placed on the patient’s head. In a Welsh story about the world’s origin, the eagle is one of the world’s ancestors, which reveals that one of the dominant DNA codes in the weaving of humanity is that of the avian and angelic world.

This coincides with the Irish story that the eagle was the original animal protector, like nightingale, owl, deer, and salmon. The eagle also has a significant place in divination: the Auguri interpreted the flight of eagles to grasp the gods’ will.

Psychologists, on the other hand, see it as a paternal symbol. Similarly, Siberian shamans consider him the originator of all shamans. The eagle is compared to the father and the Sun and brought into contact with the jaguar: the Aztecs had two warrior fraternities, the Eagle Knight and the Jaguar Knight: therefore, the healing of the father in himself, his father, his father himself. Healing of unhealthy patriarchal forms and awakening a healthy masculine, paternal and protective principle is activated.

The eagle is a bird of light and enlightenment and has the power of rejuvenation: it is exposed to the Sun, and when its feathers glow, it dives into clear water and acquires a new youth – like a Phoenix. So, through the element of fire and water. Because initiation and alchemy contain the passage through water and fire. Medieval mystics often evoke the vision of God with the eagle theme, comparing prayer to the wings of an eagle soaring toward the light. In biblical tradition, angels often have the shape of an eagle.

When a person heals the lower emotional obsessive and greedy level of the psyche, so-called “low-Scorpio nature,” it activates a higher emotional understanding: that is why the astrological Scorpio, transformed, is portrayed as an eagle. This is very topical now because from the day after tomorrow, for the next year, that energy will be activated by the South Node by entering Scorpio.

Activation of your inner eagle: You, The Eagle

  • Stand with your feet level with your shoulders.
  • Breathe through the all body, from the scalp to the soles of the feet, so that every part of the body relaxes
  • Then kneel a little and descend into the hara (lower abdomen area, between the ovaries) as if taking a riding position. In doing so, make sure that your body is not rigid, but adjust yourself to be comfortable in that position. Breathe again.
  • When you settle into that position, pay attention in your mind to the eagle. You will probably feel that image somewhere above your head.
  • Then set the intention to activate the brightest and most life-giving from the energy image/record/imprint of the eagle in yourself.
  • Start breathing slowly in those parts of the body where your intention is most vital: if you feel tremors in your back, in the rear aspect of the heart chakra, after the setting purpose, breathe there and raise your arms slightly, like wings – because your wings are multidimensionally activated by this. That is the power of flying. They are vibrations because something in your personal auric record is released that blocks them.
  • If your fingers quiver, breathe there, your claws are cleaning: the life-giving part of being able to snatch what is yours with certainty.
  • If your head and eyes flutter, breathe there because this how is the art of seeing the Source is activated (Eagle looks at the Sun)
  • If you feel a feeling of uneasiness and torment and anger, then the pattern of rape and kidnapping for sexual captivity imprinted in the archetype appears to you: feel where it is in your body and breathe into it, like the wind in a cloud, calm and conscious, while you don’t scatter it. And then fills it with light and the opposite image: that of sexual independence and sovereignty.
  • When you go through the whole body like that and feel the peace that the exercise is done.
  • Pay attention to the Sun above your head and the fire of the Earth under your feet. Breathe them into your body, first the fires of heaven, through the scalp to the feet, then the fires of the Earth, through the feet to the scalp.
  • Feel them intertwine and mix in your heart.
  • Exhale them, from the heart, through the whole body and aura, let them fry what needs to go from the remaining energy forms. Two or three breaths are usually enough; the fire is a fast element.
  • Then pay attention to the waters of the universe: the waters of the Earth, underwater, ocean, river below your feet and breathe them in, fill your whole body with them.
  • Then, pay attention to the waters of the sky – rain and snow, and breathe them with consciousness through the scalp, the crown chakra, let them pour out like a vast waterfall, fill your whole body and aura.
  • Observe for a moment how these two waterfalls, in fact, the geyser and the waterfall, will intertwine in you, feel them and then exhale and let them flow through the aura and renew it with a new crystal structure of purity.
  • Be a moment in that state, exhale.
  • Return your attention to your hara, lower abdomen. Expiration.
  • Squeeze your butt lightly. Swing your arms like wings a few times to activate the brightest of the eagle.

Advanced variants:

  • When you want to clear something from the aura, activate the fiery eagle in you. You start the fire and water eagle from previous steps. Or, quickly by inhaling the element (one by one) through the soles, at that moment, you squeeze the perineum and put the tongue on the palate. You feel breath climbing from the feets, through the spine, toward the tip of your head (crown chakra) then comes through the tongue on the palate – descends like a wave into the navel and continues down the new into the Earth. It’s actually a natural flow of energy, but to do it faster and in an instant, you have to become conscious of it and train that a little.
  • Flapping your wings in your rhythm, powerful, slow, doing astral protection behind your back or where in the aura where you feel you need to.
  • Shake the fiery wings of what you want to change or fry and imprint a new vision on the water wings: say, in front of the solar plexus, you recognize that something is making your chakra rotate counterclockwise. Get your mind down there, look at the emotional-mental form that causes it – feel it, it can look like some irregular, intricate shape, say, feel that disgusting, no shrunken feeling it causes – inhale and exhale, fire wings shake it. So lower the little eagle to that place, in the center of that form, and let it stick and fry with every swing, breathe in parallel.
  • When you are, exhale for rest and then a vision of the new state you want, that you are sure that the chakra is working there, that you are protected and have a healthy ego, for example. Then he created a water eagle, with his breath, and lowered it there to lower his vision with a whirlwind and stop so that the new form would take root.
  • So, with a fiery eagle/wings, you fry the forms you want to remove with your beauty, you install new ones with water, more life-giving for you. These can be forms of thoughts, feelings, old forms of behavior.
  • Stand up and raise your arms as if you were flying and just stand, like a statue, but you also breathe a feeling of discomfort – maybe you have cramps somewhere, and the feel of the accompanying emotional form and my thoughts – “you are afraid to stretch, someone will cut you, and exhale. Until you stand proudly and calmly and safely, without pain, like a natural eagle person
  • When there is someone around you or in your aura who bothers you energetically, in a way that irritates you with the vibration he produces and conducts, flapping his wings, or flying away in a safe and solid rhythm, different from the one in which his vibration bothers you. You can also use fire form, as you feel it should.
  • Use your body: stand with one leg straight, one raised at a right angle, outstretched, arms outstretched, and breathing – that’s why it is said that birds are not flying actually, but are flown – by wind and ether. Feel in the stretch old blockages, than exhale them. One leg, then the other.
  • And, since the eagle looks at the Sun, inhale the full spectrum of rainbow colors that the Sun reflects, be a rainbow eagle: inhale one vibration at a time and the whole body (red, orange, yellow) until you become a rainbow eagle: it is for vibration upgrades.

Daily Eagle Training:

To establish a new energy pattern, practice behaving like an eagle, at least three days in a row intensely.

  • In each situation, “rise” with consciousness and look at it from a higher level, yourself and the participants as on a chessboard. Train yourself from a “high” perspective that is, from the soul.
  • When you feel in the aura of someone else’s programs or that the false matrix activates some destructive forms in you (fear, dark thoughts, apathy, in a word, everything anti-life), swing your wings: animals are so relieved of stress, released. So, train your wings – disperse the energy patterns you notice badly, shake yourself.
  • Fly away (feeling your astral wings, because we are all winged beings, in fact, wings are an energy compound from the back of the heart, and we all have them) from situations, from people. If you are attached to some people by marriage, gender, or need to share space because for some reason you can’t move physically yet, regularly move through dimensions, waving your wings.
  • Look at the Sun: literally, sungazing nourishes and raises your light coefficient, activates DNA.
  • Train to fly an eagle, which means to project yourself: go simple – focus on a distant person, a friend abroad, for example. Calm down, summon the eagle’s energy form, ride it, and let that person take you. Watch what he does. Feel how he feels. That’s how you train looking through space. And then check with that person what was going on at the time. Write down insights, feelings, states.
  • And transferred: act from the Source of Light, look at the Source in everything because it will allow you to see deviations (various energy forms and distortions, it shows you what you need to heal: say, you know that you are the original such and such, and currently you are not That’s why and because, and its reflection in your aura are the illumination of what you need to heal.


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