The Greatest Weakness: The Greatest Strength

The soul doesn’t care if it’s in the body of a hungry African or a wealthy Swiss… It chooses adventures to grow, learn, and develop a new personality. Be aware of differences, reconcile them, and balance various, even opposing energy. All of it is amusing to the soul. But, from the perspective of man’s ego, it is not so: it is two-sided and ferocious – pleasant experiences are gorgeous and desirable, while unpleasant ones are dreadful and repulsive.

If the soul chooses on its own – why does it choose painful experiences at all?

Because of balance, through restoring and maintaining balance, we evolve. Also, painful ones are sort of motivators. People usually take extraordinary events for granted and rarely examine them in-depth. That is why only the uncomfortable, the painful ones, cause us to grow. We question them because we want to comprehend core issues and get rid of them. Of course, this is not required for growth. However, more often than not, life pain or dissatisfaction compels us to ask “why” questions and ponder deeper.

Everyone has one of their key “traumas” or weaknesses. It haunts a person like a ghost who jumps out of the closet despite everything that one does. But it is actually a divine gift: a stimulus of holistic growth that works as an obstacle in the running on the tracks, to push the runner’s boundaries and awaken his new strength in the face of challenges.

It is a bit masochistic, isn’t it?

Well, it doesn’t have to be. It can actually be a rewarding process. We all have significant weaknesses – lack of self-confidence, wrong behavior in relationships, and openness to people who will hurt us… – and they indicate a disturbed balance somewhere in the system.

It doesn’t matter where and when it was created – in past lives, childhood, or other dimensions. It remains in mind as a reminder of the task of balancing. The primary mission of man is to correct that curve, that is, to return everything to balance. This process is the central learning that the being realizes and is a signpost: it shows in which area it is essential to act to achieve his wholeness.

But sometimes, you just have to drop things off, and they solve themselves by time and life, isn’t it?

Not with this situation. It needs attention; that is a conscious effort. All those states of life, conditions, and relationships when we clearly feel that something is “wrong” are portals on that path of balance. Because they are uncomfortable, people are often afraid to look deeper into them, to understand them. So they avoid them. But the soul knows, and the being feels that the material is being pushed to the side.

Then it dwells on it in an unhealthy way – through worry. Worry and fear grow in the psyche, swirling around the man like a cloudy cloud. And then wisdom or illusory expectations that something will pass or something will be solved do not help: the only solution is to brutally face the facts and start solving problems in small steps.

How does one discover it and heal it?

Pay attention – what do you feel uncomfortable about when you think about it? What would you instead not think about, but drive away from the topic, such as “tomorrow I will, because maybe my concerns disappear somehow on its own by tomorrow.”

It can be a change in you – a relationship that is lost, a loss of passion for a partner, fear of something in the body, whatever. Stop and pay attention. Where does it resonate in your body? Recognize because you experience the greatest inner weakness through such a reaction, and it calls you like the drum because it wants to become the greatest strength. And it will when you give your attention to the issue, also, with your attention – your energy. And with your breath, you remove the dust of pain that covers it. And only then do you see the treasure. Renewed self. Your strength. New wisdom of the soul from the experience of pain-free. A new detachment from what you were enslaved to before; the freedom to move away from patterns that have previously imprisoned you.

Otherwise, it turns into fear when you ignore it instead of listening like this. It starts to scare you just because you turn your head, so it scares you of the insecurity of the unknown that you feel from behind. And due to constant exposure to such energy, one becomes constantly worried about everything. Full of fear of the future because worry eats him up.

Isn’t worry also a way of dealing with things? Like, you worry about something you care for?

It is an unhealthy way that doesn’t produce such a great result.
It is the biggest obstacle to integrity. Worry entangles the mind in fear and tells the man that he cannot solve a problem and face a challenge. In the body, it depletes the stomach and kidneys. The stomach represents our ability to receive and give, and the kidneys the will to live with which we endure obstacles and move on, whatever comes our way. Naturally, due to constant exhaustion from worry – a person begins to constantly feel unwell and unloved, like a whirlpool caught in a circular path from which there is no way out.

So what is the way out?

In every problem, there is the key to its solution. In case of one’s own weakness and worry about it, the magic wand represents an awareness of connection. Understanding that all things are always in place because the whole Universe is connected. There is no independence. Half-truths are seduced by those who preach liberty as a path of freedom – no man is a deserted island, an isolated particle. It is isolation and separation from the Universe – Life, a dead-end with no solution.

Life is interdependent: man is reliant on air and light… As a result, unseen threads of connectivity emerge among all levels and forms. So there’s a secret: communicating with the Source provides a glimpse of the best route out of a “chronic” problem.

Hence, let go of worry and take that first step, no matter how unstable and swaying: it is enormous and vital because of your shift from the field of problems to the sphere of liberation and realization. And in that sphere, you clearly see and receive the information you need regarding your integrity and the right path.

What do you care about and don’t need, and how to heal it?
What is the main weakness that calls you to look at it and thus turn it into strength?
What is your personal trigger of awareness that you are constantly connected to the Source?

These are questions for contemplation.

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