Refinement of perception: purify your vision

We kiss, then share our love with the rest of the world, and then we check and modify our visions with the third eye. Because soulmates share a vision for the realm.

As a result, this week is ideal for working on the third eye. The etheric implants in front of the first chakra fall away as the mind manipulation programs fall away. As a result, headaches are possible. Vision purification. Visions of the true and essential.

It’s similar to the shamanic greeting of leaning head to head. And if the energy is positive, if it’s the tranquility that will keep them that way forever, they’re compatible. They share a view of the soul, even if they haven’t fully formed it. If there are jerks, someone may feel compelled to shift away from the greeting stance, indicating that they are not aligned.

Week is GOOD for emotional alignements

This week is ideal for emotional alignments. New emotional patterns are emerging, as are new brain ways of feeling; therefore, we should share this with those closest to us. In all personal interactions, particularly with loved ones. Do we share the same values? If not, can we agree on that or should we say goodbye? Because there is no purpose in attempting to force it.

The cosmos was created by two people who loved each other. And it has tenfold power, not twofold, with which it influences the world. That is why it is critical to be in a similar partnership. If you want a loving relationship, it must be with a soulmate; it is a kind of duty to your soul and the entire cosmos. That is how powerful our love and our hearts are. As a result, there is no sense of despair after one ends. This is frequently the result of a mismatch in vision. A vision generates values. Common beliefs shared in a relationship bring happiness to the family.

When given the option of “ironing clothing or reading a book,” someone will select the latter. It’s an obvious decision. If the other is quietly sulking over it, and the one who chooses the book feels continually guilty… it is quite likely that they are not compatible. And therefore it is preferable to purify it rather than pushing it.

Now is an excellent time for such clarifications and modifications. We can agree on some things, but not on others. And everything is in line. A lunar eclipse in Taurus will reveal exactly what we can and cannot achieve in close relationships. In general, this is more of connection support than a disassembly endorsement. Time of investing in the development of a new method and a new organization to carry out a shared vision of happiness.

Week is BAD for noncritical openings to other people shadow

She walks confidently with all her strength, but when she removes her clothes, she becomes vulnerable and a victim of black intrusions.

As a result, this week is not safe for public nudity. Take a deep breath and relax because that’s how inspiration finds you. Black shadows are cleaning and can readily cling to innocent and open people. Take good care of your psyche and energy field. Keep an eye on who you open out to, not only verbally in terms of the trust, but also aurically through the chakras. Not to attract the darkness of others. That you do not connect with them through compassion. Continue walking without stopping. Now you need a warrior rhythm of steps mixed with second chakra cleansing and protection.

Week is DIVINE if you modify roles in relationships

He rushes to save her from the abyss and the prison, where she loses her mind and dwells in madness. Because he is aware of the white path to a new reality.

A week will be wonderful if we move our bodies, use our instincts, and break free from the reality of a black cage in which we squat for an extended period of time. It is a race to escape from evil thoughts that obsess. Learning about a new reality. Recognizing actual worth. After all, it is movement, the motion of muscles, that saves the mind from distortion. It is stretching that allows light to enter the fascia.

As a result, we alter the shape and perspective of things. We see more color than black and white.

The change of responsibilities in a relationship is vital in this context. Relationships with pronounced balances or well-established roles — where one is constantly miserable, another is a savior, one is quiet, another is loud, one is of goodwill, the other is depressed — are meant to transcend. Roles and behaviors are relics of previous identities. They are no longer functional in the new reality.

Recognize the roles you play in relationships due to inertia. What use do they serve for you? Whether they lead you to blissful kisses or break your brain and analyze faults.

After that, switch outfits or roles. Some people may grip more tightly because they have been conditioned by unconscious memories from previous lives. It doesn’t matter – catch them by monitoring where they adhere to your body and where your aura vibrates differently when you think about it. And then, with your breath and focus, dissolve it. It must be transformed. This will clear patterns from lower vibrational reincarnation experiences and systems from your mind and body, and then from your relationships.

Awareness and how to achieve a personal vision together – it has global significance and brings you well-being. For personal Tarot insights on this, write to [email protected]

  • Deck that plays: The Muse Tarot

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