Passion for benefit

Astrologers don’t cherish Venus in Capricorn. Not in the romantic sense, at any rate. She is not as gentle as Venus in Cancer or as sensual as Venus in Taurus. In the literature, Venus and Capricorn are opposing energies; Venus wants to relax and enjoy herself, whereas Capricorn is all about work and ambition. But they share interest in one thing: benefit.

But through the eyes of the Tarot, it is different. Venus and Capricorn are the climax of clever pleasure. It’s zen of trance and trance of zen. Let’s put it this way.

They are even compatible celestially—Venus as a morning star bears the name “the one who carries light,” or Lucifer (lux, in Latin light and ferro, in Latin “to carry”). And the Devil is, esoterically speaking, the one who identifies with Lucifer. Of course, the ruler of the underground And in the underground, as it is known, are our treasure and light. When shamans go for a part of the soul missing or tools for healing, they enter the underground.

Hence, Venus is having a party of light there; it sounds like an advantage if you know how to get the most out of it.

She says…

– If it isn’t useful or beneficial to you, toss it.

It seems a bit selfish. This is the mentality that underpins human exploitation. And solely considers whether something or someone has a purpose?

What’s wrong with having goals? Sense only gives people, relationships, and objects function. Otherwise, they exhale in vain. Purposeful living is lovely. It is not a strict duty. Instead, it is a creative process that is filled with beauty. It adds to the beauty. In the end, everyone gains. Consider gorgeous dishes: the designer cherished his work. Enjoy the beauty while eating from those platters. So, what’s more fascinating?

True, but how will that apply to relationships? Is the connection for mutual benefit? Stubbornness is not love.

Be cautious. Relationships should be built on benefits. But only when they are mutual. Assume you’re with a pal. The reward is the pleasure of socializing and sharing. Or, in love, you share fruits and everyone benefits. You are a successful marriage, and your children and extended family benefit. Then pals. A chain reaction ensues.

– Okay, but it’s still cold. “I won’t hang out with you if I don’t like you?”

Ignorance is bliss. Cultural conditioning’s mind damages. You won’t hang out with someone who doesn’t benefit you. Will you offer your time and energy to someone who helps you grow or someone who drains you? Get serious. Love is the main benefit. It’s pathological when one person loves a lot and the other doesn’t care. It’s unhealthy and useless. A mutual benefit perspective makes individuals happier.

How do you define love?

The easiest duty of all. Looks like it hurts or serves. Love won’t make you lose your mind. Love knows. You can also discover focus in pleasure. You can direct sexual energy into a sick organ or chakra. In trance and focused. And every action has value. You can generate lucky feng shui energy while ironing or washing dishes. You always think of growth and profit, and good ideas occur to you.

Okay, someone has it, say those with Venus in Capricorn or a transit that forces us to awaken. But how to use it?

Your inner manager awakens. Organizer You adopt a pragmatic mindset. You often wonder, “What does this and that do?” You notice the part of yourself that enjoys the practical. That is calm in a storm. Examine everything with a cool head and a clear heart.

Like Zen.

Somewhat. But Zen isn’t interested in gain. But it is a trance of zen and zen of trance. Sexual energy heals you. You create with emotions. That way, everything that rocked you – ecstasy or horror – loses power over you. Observe everything, asking why. Examine your haunting emotions, thoughts, and impulses. How can you use them? Paint, sing, or do nothing? Or just your tormentors? Are you ready to be eliminated?

Cleaning a closet. While performing it, you think: “What does this and that do? What does it do for me? “. The same goes for the man in life and his feelings.

That perspective restores a healthy distance. Ones that let you control the phenomena instead of being held by it. That is my greatest personal triumph. It emanates from a dark-fearing part of you. Plus, it’s ready to mobilize its soldiers to undertake unthinkable deeds Who dares to sweep the spooky cellars?

This is the art of mastering what rules you. You mean this mindset can overcome the most vehement obsessions?

Yes, it’s like cleaning a house’s basement with a broom. So you dust off the treasure to find it. Shamans search the underworld for healing or hidden soul pieces. You know those times when you’re miserable? Do you feel thrown away by life and people?

Do you think you can’t resist a relationship, a call, or something else? You can with this energy. Overcome any fixation or addiction. No room for weakness. Question: What emotional triggers my poor habits and feelings of inadequacy? Find it, and heal.

Was it enough? Isn’t affirmation too shallow for the underworld?

But you have a broom. That’s you. It guides your mind. Isn’t your breath air? It cleans it. So, first, purify your sacrum and throat chakras. It’s where most emotional traumas reside. From there, people develop poisonous love relationships unconsciously. Or stay in a rut. You heal it by breathing energy into it. This is when you learn to manage your vital energy as a creative manager. You don’t waste it. Nobody can shake you. So you alter your emotional underpinnings and reactions. You run them. So assess your foundation’s sensitivity. You’re in a state of flux, where one wrong phrase might destabilize you From there, additional paths open up. Estimate the pros and drawbacks.

With this mentality, you can become more aware of your reactions. Like a psychologist monitoring a response of some type. Change a person’s perspective. From conventional fear and emotional shielding to observation. From there, you can see how to handle the situations that ruled you.

In which areas of your emotional reactions and your life is it crucial to rise to the position of Ruler of the Underworld? Which of your identities is ready for a makeover? Write to [email protected] for personalized Tarot responses to these queries.


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