Feline race: Lyrans/LionPeople in you

I’ve collected this knowledge from other Felines from my home galaxy, the Lyra and Vega star systems, and we’re progressively communicating with one another.

The number of us on Earth is currently small, but I know that there will be many more of us in the days ahead, so you’ll likely get to know and notice our existence. In your journey toward liberation and ascension, we are here to support and guide people at every step of the way.

Humanoids known as Lyrans have existed long before Earth’s recorded history. We hail from the many worlds orbiting around the Lyrae star system. Our appearance is remarkably human-like. If you saw one of us on the street, you wouldn’t be able to tell us from any other human. In reality, the humanoid-looking being associated with Earth was introduced to your planet by us. We may be slightly taller and have lighter skin than most Earthlings, but that would be the extent of our differences. It’s been reported that we’ve been taken over by the Pleiadians, but that’s not accurate. In a sense, they may call us cousins, but it doesn’t mean we’re the same person. When it came to seeding activities on Earth, and elsewhere, we frequently collaborated with the Pleiadians. In this way, the Pleiadians and ourselves are very similar. It’s not uncommon for some Lyrans to have spent numerous incarnations as Pleiadians. We occupy a more elevated plane of existence than the one on which the Earth currently resides. We’ve successfully made the shift to a more advanced state in the last few hundred years as a race. Since the Earth is presently going through its own ascension process, we are deeply interested in it.

Many Lyrans have chosen to come to Earth at this time to aid the Earth and her peoples while she through a period of transformation. Because we’ve been down this road before, we’re here to help point the way. We have a parental duty to perform with the individuals on this planet, seeing society grow and mature.

It is possible to identify someone as a Lyran based on a number of factors, including their appearance and behavior. Our morphogenic shape is quite similar to that of humans on Earth, thus these signals have more to do with our personalities than our bodies. The individual will have a strong feeling of purpose. A definite purpose for their presence here will be clear to them even if they can’t quite put their finger on what it is. Someone will be drawn to the night sky if they have an open mind. If you’re drawn to science fiction and the paranormal in general, you might be interested in astronomy or science fiction literature. In addition, the reader or viewer will be able to discern an underlying truth in these works. Even when you’re reading or seeing anything, you may feel as though you’ve been involved in the story itself if so. Furthermore, they have come to realize just how much more the human being is capable of, but they’ve been misled about it. As a result, the individual will exude a strong sense of underlying power.

People will be drawn to you and put their faith in your ability to make sound judgments. Even if the person isn’t in a prominent position of authority, others respect your position. Some people have a hard time with authority, or they’re just afraid of it together. This person’s demeanor conveys a sense of sternness and gravity. As the proverb goes, they will not “suffer fools kindly.” As a result, they won’t be the center of attention at a party. They prefer to be more reserved and observe rather than engage in conversation. This personality type is more likely to be solitary. As long as they have loved ones around them, they don’t need them to be near them all the time for happiness.

As a result of new or developing technological advancements in the field, they may be artists, designers, innovators, or architects. As a result, their approaches of working with technology will be different from those of most people. They’re good at starting things, but they’re terrible at finishing them. If Vegans need help developing self-control and self-discipline, they can either take classes or surround themselves with like-minded individuals who can offer encouragement and support as they work toward their goals. Travelers from Vega are always on the lookout for new experiences, new challenges, and new ways to answer the many questions they have inside. As a result, they may get bored easily. In general, they are skeptical of everything that they do not comprehend, does not fit into their worldview, or simply doesn’t feel right. Vegans, while open to new ideas and experiences, require a deeper level of self-awareness before they can truly open up to growth. This is not a practical or logical understanding. It will be a “felt” rather than a “technical” understanding that will lead to “knowing.”

If you originated from Vega once, it is almost certain that you also reincarnated in other uplifted species. It’s possible that you’re one of the Sages who stayed in this universe throughout the Galactic war if you’re a pure Lyran. The following are the characteristics of Lyran starseeds: “Vegans Vega-born people are self-sufficient, independent, proud, and strong-willed; they are also prone to impulsiveness. In the outside world, there is smooth energy and an image of power and capability. Trivia “collectors” may be found among those from Vega, as they have a wide range of interests and are informed in many fields. These people have a wide range of talents and abilities, and they often have the capacity to blend their artistic expression with their logical thinking.

The majority of Vega have a deep feeling of duty, nurture, and care for their loved ones. Working with children, the unwell, or people in need of assistance and care may fulfill them. They may, however, become unduly responsible for others and need to be reminded of the significance of both teaching and being accountable. Because of their loving nature, they may find themselves being taken advantage of. They may need to focus on building a stronger sense of feeling the integrity of people. Others may be drawn to their compassionate energy, and they may be contacted in a variety of situations by those who want to talk about their own personal issues. Few people from Vega are willing to share their personal information with others unless they feel comfortable doing so. Vegans may have a natural affinity for stones and crystals, which can aid in their healing powers. Many residents of Vega are involved in helping others by providing physical or mental health care, teaching, or engaging in other occupations that allow for the expression of one’s creative side. They crave time alone, privacy, and the opportunity to do as they please. It is crucial that they are recognized for their efforts to help others. Those who have close personal relationships with Vegans may feel overlooked or in need of extra attention from time to time due to Vegans’ wide range of interests and pursuits. Taking care of others may cause someone to disregard their own needs and relationships.

History of Feline race

As soon as they had successfully completed the Universal Game in their own reality, 45 Felines offered their assistance in setting up and directing the identical game in this one. They are a 12- to 16-foot-tall bipedal race. Despite the fact that they don’t have fur, they have manes and lengthy hair on both the male and females. It is possible for their eyes to shift from blue to gold as they get older. Both their golden brown and white hues change. The general demeanor of a cat is warm, sociable, and intelligent. In time, they become more pensive, contemplative, and gentle. Their intelligence, compassion, and understanding are hailed as awe-inspiring. They have a strong sense of fair play as a race and are highly close-knit. Equally revered and honored as the males are women. They are all curious and inquisitive in the true feline spirit.

A physical body had to be evolved for the Felines to inhabit the planet after they arrived in Lyra’s system, as they were in their original form as an etheric beings. Some of the original Felines were kept in etheric form as part of the plan to assist those who were incarnating. Christos Beings would be a good analogy for them. There was an amnesia-inducing veil of amnesia on this 3D world, so remember that when the etheric felines incarnated, they would fall under it. The genetic line known as House of Avyon or Royal Line came into being after this crossover reached a particular point. It was decided that the Felines would continue to take turns incarnating so that their planet-bound siblings and sisters would not become locked in the non-sentient incarnation cycle.

Fortunately, this turned out to be untrue.. It was decided that a special cadre of shamans and priests would be responsible for preserving the Lyrans’ beautiful and peaceful culture. In the years that followed, many people abandoned their physical bodies in favor of immortality, not for the sake of living near indefinitely but rather so that their ideas could be propagated across the galaxy and beyond. As a result of these divine priests and shamans, the children of the Vegans gained a newfound understanding of the Lyrans’ ongoing presence among them and the people they helped raise up. As an added bonus, they revealed to the Vegans’ offspring that their parents lived in a parallel dimension to our own. This was primarily a word of encouragement to the galaxy’s positive beings. When the positive beings at war saw their heroism and morality, their morale was immensely bolstered, and they formed a rebel federation that would unite all the beings that wished to break free of the reptilian grip, even though they had a considerably smaller force. The Galactic Federation of Light was born here.

To create modern humans, a series of interbreedings and genetic modifications were necessary. The redheaded strain was more gregarious and active, while the platinum blonde strain was more introspective and sensitive. Feline/human hybrids become more prevalent in Feline royalty after thousands of years of selective breeding. Modern man has forgotten the Feline-Human genetic link, but the Feline remains a majestic creature worthy of our admiration and affection. There is no doubt in my mind that cats will continue to be the loving and supporting guardians of their human kids. They have remained in this position throughout the Universal Game’s history and all of its dimensions.

Currently, Devin (Feline) is the 9D Royal House of Avyon’s patriarch, whereas Anu (Human) is the 5D Royal House of Avyon’s patriarch. One of only a few planets to resist the annanuki’s takeover and devastation was our own. With only a limited number of survivors, our own Earth was obliterated in the end. The blond-haired Nordic-looking Pleiadians of the Pleiades are the lyraean ones, as well as Sirius, Andromeda, and other systems. We were taken into numerous systems. In these other systems, we reside in a higher realm. This is the history of the Lyran/Vegan peoples, based on what I’ve learnt about these lovely and cheerful peoples: While visiting our galaxy from a galaxy not too far away, the Lyrans showed off their amazing creative powers by crafting and elevating new species in the cosmic Eden. Despite their almost billion-year-long history, they are a peaceful people with a rich cultural heritage. Over the course of several years, the Lyrans continued their creation process, and as a result, thousands of races joined them in achieving complete harmony and unity with the universe. Natural Universal law drew the dark forces to this massive outpouring of Light. For a long time, they coexisted peacefully in perfect harmony, giving birth to beings that helped maintain the galaxy’s delicate balance. Vega is close to the homeworld of the Lyrans.

Also, the cosmos was at peace for millions of blissful years… for a long time… Despite numerous peace efforts, a fellow allied star system was attacked by reptilian and avian beings’ fleets of ships, and so the Great Galactic War was triggered. The Vegans didn’t want to get involved either. However, the Lyrans believed that their nation would not survive the war’s end when the front lines drew so close and billions had been murdered by Draconian and reptile invaders equally. So many people advised the humanoids, the race they had lately created, to flee the invasion and establish new homeworlds abroad. They divided into three groups and fled to different worlds, where they were able to prosper.

A little time later, Lyra was given an ultimatum: either leave your homeworld and never return, or perish by reptilian warcraft and be exterminated. Even the spiritually inclined and tranquil Lyrans felt the need to rise up in these perilous times. That would have meant losing their place in the universe, something they were afraid of. Many fled to other universes when the attacks began, taking everything they could with them in an attempt to survive. Most of those who fled with the three other humanoid races became part of the Pleiadean and Orion groups. Because they couldn’t bear to see what was occurring in their galaxy and the peoples they had created, some stayed at home and chose suicide rather to face the pain. Next, a devastating attack was launched against the Lyran homeworlds’ vast, deserted landscapes, which had once been quiet and peaceful. After that, there was nothing left to remember them by. As a result, no city was spared the wrath of the enormous bombs of war. It was over once Vega had been cleared of all Lyrans and other prisoners had been seized. Lyrans were supposed to be extinct by the reptilians, who believed they had achieved their goal of genocide.

After the war, why can’t the Lyrans simply return to this universe? Despite the fact that the reptilians aren’t currently engaged in a big military conflict, they still don’t feel sorry for the Vegans and what they’ve done to them. Unfortunately, the Vegans were exiled to the opposite side of the cosmos and never returned. It’s possible that the reptilians will alter their minds, but we should all be aware that even if reptilians had a poor past and are nasty beings, it doesn’t mean that they’re bad individuals. When the Vegans are able to safely return to the cosmos in the far future, I believe a new era of peace will be reignited. A high number of the space federations from which starseeds originate were or had close ties to the Lyran Federation of Light, which may cause starseeds with dominant Lyran origins to be perplexed as to why nearly everyone in the galaxy is a Lyran.

Are you a Lyran Starseed? Check it out here, in the video I discuss signs. Or, discover what other star race code is dominant in your DNA on this link.

What is your relationship with the Feline race? Are you a descendant or a representative on Earth with a mission? What messages do they convey to you? How to get in touch with them and other personal insights about you and the Lyrans we can check through the Tarot. Write me at [email protected]


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  • danleep11

    In the ‘beginning’, there was ‘THE BEGINNING’!
    (The history of life)

    ‘Lifeless’ and ‘formless’ was THE BEGINNING… The BEGINNING was always ‘there’…pondering, thinking, considering all ‘things’ possible and all ‘things’ probable. After careful, deliberate and complete THOUGHT, BEGINNING made ‘Himself’ ‘Known’! The BEGINNING became ‘CREATOR’! In one swift, decisive moment, all that was to be created was created. The BEGINNING BECAME THE CREATOR AND ALL CREATION WAS AND IS…THE CREATOR, WITHIN THE BEGINNING!

    As the result of THE BEGINNING’S complete deliberance on all things, all things were created with specific ‘laws’…’boundaries’ ‘parameters’ that were designed to never be changed in any way by anyone…not even CREATOR. Love was and is the guarantor of all life/creation. Within this ‘guarantor’ of life, all things were/are possible with two exceptions, ie, ONLY CREATOR could/can create life (because life can only be drawn from the original life form, THE BEGINNING). In addition to this restriction, there was/is one other restriction that not even CREATOR/GOD can exercise, and that/this is…no CREATION can destroy CREATION. Now, also, is when FREE WILL enters the scene. All soulful CREATION has free will to do that and whatever FREE WILL can dictate/influence…within the original purview of GOD life, previously expressed.

    Early on in THE BEGINNING’S ‘thoughts’, THE BEGINNING knew exactly what was to be done (created), how it was to be done/created, and ALL life plans associated with any and all creation. Enter CREATOR’S ‘little children’ of life/love. All creation (God’s children) has the ability/capability to grow/develop/enhance one’s point of original creation into something bigger and better…than their original creation…enter… soul development. Soul development is the ‘upward’ movement of one’s soul so as to express more God Light and God Love than originally provided, to each and all creation. Early on in ‘the beginning’ of creation/soul birth, creation was no different from the birth of anything one can think of, in the early moments, and from then on, each soul creation must learn basically everything [but still retain special, never-ending God ‘infusions’ of special strengths and special character, among other special ‘things’ known only to God], from walking, flying, crawling, swimming, etc., as it is ALL creation that we are ‘talking’ about and not just human.

    As soulful creation studied themselves and became more ‘self-aware’, creation started to explore…life…much like THE BIGINNING’S exploration of…life. From the ‘beginning’, THE BEGINNING/CREATOR/GOD knew that at some point in ‘time’ (creation’s existence), creation would need things to do and challenges to meet. This was all in the original game plan as expressed earlier. All that was to be known was known by the All of the All, ie, CREATOR/THE BEGINNING/GOD! The universe and all its expressions began to materialize in one form/way or another, as per original plan and the purview of GOD/CREATOR. All things were done perfectly, wonderfully, and with LOVE! No mistakes and nothing to be done over! Creation, seeing the development of creation, began to ‘venture’ out into the ‘new’ universe to look around and what they found was wonderment beyond comprehension/description. It was at this point in ‘time’ [creation] that creation started to yearn for…more. CREATOR, knowing this and all things, had wonderful plans for ‘HIs’ children/creation, with worlds forming as per THE BEGINNING’S plan, at the right time, in the right place, and in the right circumstance. The children began to realize that they were gods in their own expressiveness and began to experiment and experience creation/life in its many forms/expressions, within, of course, the purview of CREATOR.

    Enter the ‘fallen angels’…Within the course of creation/time, creation began to realize that they need not remain in spiritual form, only, or forever…and soon learned that they could experience physical form/expression by ‘falling’ into physical bodies, ie, incarnating, that the early creator gods created on the many planets and such, that were forming and had formed. Creation experimented with all the physical forms of CREATOR’S creations. But, the more they experimented, the lower their God Light became, as their freewill influenced them to become and do things that were not necessarily in their ‘best LIGHT interest’, ‘pulling’ creation deeper and deeper into the darkness of THE LIGHT, which became known as ‘hell’. Not being in the full LIGHT OF GOD/CREATOR, is HELL!

    Enter…CREATOR…All this was known/expected to occur, so nothing was a surprise or ‘disaster’ within God’s purview of the All. No mistakes were being made. All was designed/allowed to occur to provide for soulful growth, with the soulful understanding of this premise…”what appears as weakness now, will be changed into strength, later…” All His children were being provided work/activities to select and grow from. Not all the children fell, but many did…and many did not. Of those who did not or who have reconciled themselves, we call ‘angels’, and those who did fall and remain ‘fallen’, we call ‘devils’. [But all are God’s children and as such, all God’s children/creation must be loved as HE loves HIS children/creation…totally and unconditionally!]

    AND NOW, we have the ‘end of times’, whereby CREATOR has long known of and provided for these moments of love creation/expression. Creative expression allows for creation to enjoin these moments ‘in time’ that may or will result in restoration of the souls (the lost children of GOD) and return to their grandeur that they once were, if not exceed those moments of first expression.

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