Extract power from secret

Your deepest secret, if you have one, what is it? If so, what is it about it that you are ashamed of? Are you ashamed of yourself for doing so or even thinking about it? What if it’s powerful and tasty, like some hidden power that you return to for inspiration, like your invisible fuel?”

Because secrets hold a tremendous amount of our personal power. Just as secrets are hidden, so immense energy is hidden in them. Frozen. It can serve you as a force but also as a burden.

We usually hide something sacred. Or something we are ashamed of. Either something dangerous.

Because secrets are always associated with power. Anything deep and intense that we want to keep to ourselves. Or something that shook us so much, so we move, we push into the depths, not to scare us.

What a secret I keep. Is it peaceful, like a beautiful story, a hidden memory? Or full of emotion – mostly pain, fear, or shame. And that’s a lot of energy.

So, look into your secrets. Count them. The mystery was that I hated my dad because I thought he was poisoning my mom emotionally and was to blame for her death. The secret of sexual fantasies. What do your secrets say about you? About your needs?

We are usually ashamed of them. It’s like secrets are going to reveal some “dirty” part of us. But even if it’s nasty, how will it clean up if we don’t look into that secret. And how are we going to accept ourselves in full if there’s a part that’s hidden in the basement because it’s not worth taking out?

It’s time to forgive the self you’re ashamed of, so you keep it a secret.

You’re hiding something because you’re ashamed to do it. You don’t think it was good. You’re hiding. And you did it because you were scared. It means you have a fear of this and that, in that field where you produced the secret. So that field needs your fall. Healing. Discover your secrets. At least to myself. You can do it in your diary, that will work. . And get rid of the burden. Cry, exhale the shame.

Feel where in your body it vibrates, in which chakra, while you are thinking about the secret? Then direct your attention and breath there. To release yourself and your power.

What is your main secret, and what is the best thing to do with it? How do you process it in the best way for yourself and everyone? How to unlock your strength from it or get rid of its pressure? What secret do you carry in your unconsciousness, not even knowing you have it – because it might be implemented memory or something from past lives. But it affects you now? For personal Tarot insight on this, you can write me at [email protected]

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